Befikre: I dare you… to watch this stupid movie

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I sat down to watch this movie with my sister last evening and I wish I could get my 2 hours plus back. The movie was… well, I took notes. 😦

^ Befikre means ‘carefree.

^ Kissing, kissing, and more couples kissing.

^ Traces of Mission: Impossible 3. That car scene.

^ The jokes about 9/11 and terrorism was distasteful given that Paris is still reeling from the terrorist attacks.

^ More kissing. *rolls eyes* since when Bollywood became Kissywood?

^ Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) were too childish and kept daring each other to do stupid things like slapping a policeman and making out in a car. They defaced property: The Pont des Arts bridge by placing a padlock there when the French had them remove because it was weighing down the bridge. So was taking clothes off and remaining in undergarments in the library for a silly dance number.

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^ Traces of Chalte Chalte.

^ Is Vaani’s face permanently smiling? for I’m kind of creeped out.

^ Oh, look, traces of Jab Tak Hai Jaan!

^ The best thing about this movie? The beautiful Parisian sights.

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^ More Shah Rukh Khan reference. *sighs*

^ I like this Vaani Kapoor, though. She’s a Kareena Kapoor upgrade and she can act and dance, too.

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^ This movie is Love Aaj Kal 2.0 the sequel… and not in a good way.

French girl: You like French music?

Dahram: I like French girls who likes French music.

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^ More kissing. Too much kissing.

^ This movie abused kissing.

^ If this is the future of Yash Raj films, then I won’t be watching another movie from this production house.

^ I think this movie spent too much time touring the pretty sights of Paris, that they lost sight of the plot and weakened the storyline, which they didn’t have in the first place.

Banker: “I’m a banker, so I know a good investment when I see one.”

^ Eiffel Tower proposal. So cliché!

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^ I don’t understand women. They get a man (banker in this instance) to treat them right, yet they cling onto the ex who never had future plans of them together because it was all about hooking up and no love.

^ Best song? None. Wait, that… no, none.

^ Too much partying. We get it. Nobody parties like an Indian… at least in the movies.

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^ Too many gay jokes. Stereotypically annoying. I’ve heard and read enough over the years.

^ Anay is so nice. I hate that they used this banker to further stereotype nice people. There are actually nice people out here. Not every nice person is mad or have a hidden agenda.

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^ Dancing with the Stars cannot compete with the competition that is Bollywood… well, Vaani and Ranveer. This brings me to Mr. & Mrs. Smith reference. 

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^ I don’t know what’s worse: The French American culture clash bashing or the French Indian culture clash bashing. 

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^ Anay turned into Salman Khan at the church, but I thought the fights were unnecessary and in poor taste.

^ Great! More French kissing! Just what we asked for!

^ Thank goodness the torture is over! I want my life back.

VERDICT Gavel-clipart-clipart-kid

rating-blog… Bless those beautiful Parisian sights because that is all this movie had going for it.

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Oui! Tom Cruise will run in Paris!

Maybe he’ll climb the Eiffel Tower and jump off it. Maybe he’ll tackle the Arc de Triomphe or the famous Louvre or the Notre Dame… whatever! Tom Cruise would be shooting scenes for MI6 in Paris and they should get him to run along the Champs-Élysées. The Latin Quarter would make a great shot too.

The sixth and perhaps final installment of the Mission Impossible franchise would see Tom Crusie and company globetrot a bit with Paris, London, New Zealand, and India on the itinerary. Unfortunately, Jeremy Renner won’t be back because his dates are clashing with Avengers: Infinity War, something I don’t care for, but I’ll miss his presence. He was funny and the voice of reason.

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India is another destination I am excited for. I think Cruise and McQuarrie should consider asking Shah Rukh Khan to make an appearance to give it a sultrier appeal or Ranveer Singh seeing that he is Bollywood’s future heir or even Hrithik Roshan so he can learn how to perform better action stunts from the world’s greatest action star. 


Tom Cruise made stunt history in Rogue Nation for hanging off a plane and holding his breath under water for 6 minutes and I remember thinking that he isn’t going to top that, but McQuarrie recently revealed that the actor has spent the past year training for a single MI6 stunt. Is he going to finally fly without restraint? Kidding. Kidding! Hmmm… I wonder if it involves the Eiffel Tower or the Big Ben or maybe the Taj Mahal? 

MI6 starts shooting in April and already has a release date for July 27, 2018.

Tom Cruise

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