About time πŸ•›

Maybe it’s ignorance or maybe it’s curiosity, but how did they know what time it truly was when the clock was finally invented?

Was it midday? Or was it midnight?

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Midnight thoughts: vacation πŸŒ™

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I’m actually on vacation – have been since last week and I’m unplugged from everything work, that when I return, this is going to be my default expression…

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It’s been pretty restful and eye-opening thus far, as God has been revealing new things to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better vacay! Thank You, God!

Please note that most of these midnight posts are meaningless. My train of thought can be pretty random or distracting, and I just thought that it’ll be fun to share some.

Now, it’s time to catch some z’s! Night, world.

Ohhhh is adorable β™₯β—‹β™₯


Midnight thoughts about blogging πŸŒ™

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I love blogging, but lately, it’s hard to keep up with not only your blog but also this one. I took breaks in between from late last year until now and also tried new categories (just to keep motivated), but it feels as if blogging is going to come to an end for me soon. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading your blogs and I am super excited for some of the new categories to be featured, but I feel as if it’s time to move on. I’ll eventually know when it’s time to stop and say goodbye.

I now take this opportunity to thank you for all your supportΒ and patience. May God continue to bless you.

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