The dangers of trending topics on Twitter

Twitter is where I hang out in the social media world. It’s where I discuss football, share inspiring (& sometimes funny) re/tweets and keep abreast of what’s happening in the world. It was also where I learned about Prince’s untimely death first and all the tragic happenings currently going on in this wicked world.

Then there’s this thing call ‘trending topic’.

When a celebrity trends, it usually means that he/she died, they’re ill, they got caught doing something illegal, or Twitter killed them. Yes, Twitter is guilty of ‘killing’ celebrities. So when I saw Orlando Bloom trending last evening, the first thing that came to mind was, did he die? Then I remember seeing something in the news about the 5thย Pirates of the Caribbeanย installment so I thought perhaps it was about the film. I don’t follow Bloom on Twitter (if he has a handle) nor his personal life, but I like him as an actor, so I clicked on the TT.

And I instantly regretted clicking on it because the fuss was much ado about nothing. Just nudes of a fit Bloom paddle boarding with a smile on his face as he holiday in Italy with girlfriend Katy Perry (I didn’t even know he was dating this woman).ย 

Then I was mad.

Isn’t anything private anymore? Isn’t anything left to the imagination anymore? Heck! These TTs should come with a warning. Not everyone wants to see nudes of great looking people. They have what we have after all.ย 

A really important question: Does anyone have eye bleach?

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