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The Final Poem

Once you start reading, you’re hooked with the words and play on emotions. Brilliant writing at its best.

Frank Solanki

The stories were all told

Now they all just seem so old

Little pieces of my heart

All broken, but they call it art

All the years I’ve left behind

I will return home and call them mine


When you needed shelter in the night

I burned myself to be your light

When you needed to stay afloat

I drowned myself to be your boat

When you were standing in the midst of storm

I fought the cold to keep you warm

It is more than I can take

No more sacrifices I will make

Now I know what I have to do

This is the final poem for you


We may not be free and young

All our songs now have been sung

When was the last time that we laughed?

When was the last time that we cried?

Can we smile together one last time


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4 Lies

couple, friendship, hands

I lied when I told you that I’ve moved on
(When in fact, I can’t stop thinking of you)

I lied when I told you that I’m happy
(I’m actually miserable inside)
I lied about someone taking your space
(I’m quite lonely)

I lied when I told you, that I don’t love you


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