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The Peacocks and Pheasants

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I love peacocks! I mean, who doesn’t? Although it’s hardly seen, a peacock in flight is STUNNING! Have you ever seen one in flight? As for pheasants, they’re on some real judgmental stuff. What do I mean? Stick around and find out.ย 

flying peacock  Byย Shivaram1970ย on Jun 12, 2013. Gallery:ย shivaram1970's photos.

Image: Peacock in flight! Isn’t it STUNNING?

Photo via Shivaram1970 on Jun 12, 2013

๐Ÿฆย Peacocks and pheasants belong to the Phasianidae family, which also includes partridges, grouse, and turkeys. The peacock mainly makes their home in India and Sri Lanka, while pheasants can be found in Asia, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, New Zealand, and North America.

๐Ÿฆย The peacock is also known as the Indian Peafowl or the Bird with One Hundred Eyes and is the national bird of India.ย 

Picture of a beautiful golden pheasant ...

Image: The Golden Pheasant looks as if it’s wearing a judge’s wig… sort of. It also looks like it just stepped out of the “Remember the Time” music video.

๐Ÿฆ Both peacock and pheasant prefer the same food when it comes to eating so no complaining for them at the buffet table! However, there is one food that peacocks eat that pheasant wouldn’t think twice about and that’s the juvenile cobra.

๐Ÿฆ Male peacocks are celebrated for their beauty and male pheasants are known for their eye-catching appearance. You know what’s ironic? The fact that both male peacock and pheasant are brighter and more beautiful than the female, but they have to try their hardest best to win the dull-looking girl with their courtship display. Hmmm… I guess they would’ve been too full of themselves if it was the other way around! ๐Ÿ˜„

animals, animals, animals โ€” PALAWAN PEACOCK PHEASANT (Polyplectron...

Image: Palawan Peacock-Pheasant. A thing of pure beauty.

๐Ÿฆ Peacocks tend to avoid human-populated areas; they prefer the forests whereas pheasants tend to inhabit meadows, fields, and farmlands. The average lifespan for a peacock is 25 years, whereas pheasants can live up to 18 years.

Golden Pheasant Accepts Your Treat! GIF by forjoin | Gfycat

Peacocks are enchantingly beautiful, and they’re a royal sight to behold. Their beauty is a reminder of God’s gorgeous and amazing creation while their regal appearance is a reminder that God has crowned us with glory and honor.

Peacock in flight , BakLOL Gifs | Peacock flying, Beautiful birds ...

The White or Albino Peacock is pure and when its feathers are open and spread, it reminds me of a wedding dress somewhat and that Christ is coming for His bride soon. Via KRIBST, here’s a video of a princely white peacock showcasing God’s majestic aesthetic. It makes a commanding sound before putting on a feathertacular show to entertain the ever curious humans. Thank God for this gorgeous animal!


Images: Pinterest

Reference/s: beautyofbirds.org; animals.mom.me; YouTube

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