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The well-dressed male!

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DAY 22

I love seeing the man well-dressed and well-groomed, so today, instead of writing something, I’ll be posting a few (I might go overboard, but bear with me) of my favorite photos of the well-dressed male.


Gaspard Ulliel @GasparUlliel by Franรงois Rousseau | @lesinrocks - September 2014:

Gaspard Ulliel:


More suits, #menstyle, style and fashion for men @



should be pinning him on a board called "hot stuff"!:

Poet. Thinker. Philosopher. The look of the Artist. Ribbed turtle neck with burgundy polka dot scarf for a splash of color.:

Cole Sprouse:

thedapperproject:  farahsalam1989: Why did I never see this. British GQ named him best dressed man of New York Fashion Weekโ€ฆ This is unbelievable. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason I got into menswear:

All pics via Pinterest!

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