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One last dance

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DAY 26

The water was cold and it made her skin shiver. She couldn’t swim, and no one was around to witness what she was about to do, so this was going to be easy. As she lay down in the cold water, her short life flashed before her eyes like a slideshow. There was her beautiful and carefree mother dancing around the immaculate home to an upbeat jazz number. Her father laughing and tapping his feet in time as he read L’Équipe to keep abreast of his favorite football team, Olympique Lyonnais. Her first boyfriend Leon breaking off their relationship because his stiff upper-class parents didn’t approve of him dating a girl who came from no money. The icing sugar on top of the clafoutis: meeting the magnetic and seductive Henry on that eventful day in the Tuileries Garden. Kissing him and holding him was precious and she wouldn’t trade those romantic moments for any form of wealth.

And then she couldn’t breathe.

As the River Seine hungrily claimed her soul, Alicia’s final thought was of how cruel it was to die alone without the one you truly love by your side holding your hand as the soul tries to make its lonely journey home.

© La Petit Muse 2016 (excerpt One Last Dance) 

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