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So, it’s July…

…and it still hasn’t settled in as yet.

We welcomed July with heavy rains last evening, so I thought this scripture was fitting. 

The World Cup wraps this month – the 15th to be precise – and I’ve been loving the atmosphere so far. The euphoria of the greatest event on the planet – it was never you, Carnival – has captured many attention and hearts globally, but please, make sure it doesn’t capture your soul. I’ve read a news article in which two fans took their lives in two separate incidents. One took his life when Argentina lost 3-0 to Croatia and the other when they got knocked out of the tournament by France. 

Bottom line is, this is just football and there is no need for anyone to take his/her life over it. The young men who took their lives were not even Argentinians; they hailed from India. I’ve been supporting France for years now and if they don’t win this WC, it’s not going to be the end of the world for me. It is selfish to take our lives over trivial and meaningless things.

We die for mortal idols, yet, we won’t die for the One who gave His life for us if the chance presented itself. Be careful of who/what you worship for these mortals aren’t gods; they’re flesh and blood just as us.

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Challenge for juillet

Again, I won’t be doing any challenges this month. Last month, I said I wanted to complete the tags and challenges I’ve been neglecting for months, but never got around to it. I’ll try to see what I can do this month. 

Blessed juillet to all and keep walking with Jesus. 



Jocund July!

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Well, well, well…

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I’m still looking for June. She went by so fast! But I am utmost grateful to make it to another month. Despite not living up to my blogging potential, I still managed to accomplish a lot. 

A few plans for July:

^ Weekend Breaks. I’ve decided to take the weekends off. That means no blogging. I’ll be scheduling posts if I have the time on Thursdays and Fridays.

^ Book Reviews. This is a continual thing as long as the passion for reading is there.

^ Daily Inspiration. What better way than to start the day with His Word? ❤

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^ Keeping up with the 365 Days of Writing Prompts although I think I’ve been doing a good job thus far. 🙂

^ The Tom Cruise Movie Challenge. Heh! I participated in the 15 Films Tag last month and one of the questions was ‘Films you want to watch’ and my reply was Tom Cruise’s catalog, for although I consider him the best actor in the galaxy, I have not seen all of his films. I have not seen a TC movie that I didn’t like him in. Even if the movie was underwhelming, TC gave 110%… maybe even more. Well, I’ve decided to accept this challenge. I am not going to binge watch his movies so this challenge might span over a few months and yes, I’ll post my reviews on the movies here. 🙂

^ Yes English! We go back to our basic English roots. I have some topics already written, but I am too lazy to type. 

^ Top Ten Thursday. A category that I need to fill.

^ A to Z Challenge. For the last few years, I’ve been seeing this challenge around WordPress, but I’ve never got around to doing one because I didn’t find one that I would love to do. I plan to do long words.

^ ‘Setepai’. I have to thank that diary for this. My last short story – My Chosen – was written in the heat of the moment after watching The Mummy with Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. I wanted to see more of Ahmanet and a love story between the mentioned actors’ characters, so I wrote that story. Now, I am working on a lengthy story. 

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^ I have some Blog Cleansing to do. This month I’ll be unfollowing inactive blogs.

Thank God that you’re alive and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse:

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Why, hello, July!

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I have been writing every day, over on my football blog, that is, and I am proud of this. However, the Euro 2016 tournament is coming to a close and I am reminded of this as the month of July kicks off today. I don’t have lots of plans for July at the moment, but let’s see what’s in store.

^ I’ve read all the books by James Patterson I set out to last month and now I’ve been gifted five more. This calls for a celebration!

I just REALLY like this GIF! It’s my go-to-happy GIF!

^ Apart from the JP novels, my bookshelf is ridiculously jam packed and I have to start weeding. There are books I may never read again, books I am yet to read, and books that probably needs to be dumped. 

^ Challenges! I am yet to decide what I am going to do this month, given that I may not have the time to write something every day. I am reevaluating my life and the music I used to listen to, I’ve replaced them with softer, God-loving songs. That means I also have to watch what I read, write and watch. Big changes are happening in my life and I know they are for the best. I’ve accepted this and there is no going back, only forward. 

^ I am looking forward to research for a new series simply title Travel Diaries. It’s supposed to be educational, so I can’t wait to get started on this new project for my friends and family. I’m actually doing this for my girl who has big aspirations and dreams of ‘flying’. 

^ I hope to work on short stories this month as well in terms of creative writing because I kind of suck at CW.

With that in mind, I welcome July and remember to…

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