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Book #51: Missing Mom

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The Times described this novel as ‘A brilliant unmissable novel’. It turns out that I could’ve afforded to miss this one. It was boring, dull and lifeless. Nikki Eaton was plain self-centered. The story lacked an emotional impact. The protagonist bored me to tears. I’m sorry I even opened the book.

Almost every character is described as having “moistly glittering eyes”. I mean, WHAT? Was I reading a manga?

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Then came this: “…I ran for my life; I mean, my car.” It was used twice!

marcus dobre

To make this review even shorter, the story didn’t move me in any shape or form, it was repetitive, there was nothing redeeming about it, and I won’t be reading any more books from this author.



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A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand. I am on a reading spree lately, so don’t be alarmed if I post more than the intended reviews this week. 🙂

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