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Book #138: When Dimple Met Rishi

People: This book sucks socks!
Also other people: This book was the best book of the year!
Also, also other people: I was torn between giving it a 5 or a 3.
Me: I’ll make my own decision.

I read this book two months or so ago and I have to say that I am pretty disappointed with one Dimple and the plot. I’ll never stop writing honest reviews for I don’t believe in changing my opinion for anyone. I have so much to say that this might get a little lengthy.

Oohkay, let me warm up first.

Flex my fingers, adjust my computer screen, grab my coffee… Ready!

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I went into this book neutral because YA rarely lives up to the hype no matter how many Book-tubers swear by the book (I’ve unsubscribed to all of their channels for they almost always have the same boring and repetitive content). I came out hating this book. Dimple was just an awful character although I liked her for the first few pages. She was a nerd and she wanted to pursue her dreams, but then she met Rishi, and in the blink of an eye, her entire character changed quicker than a chameleon changes its skin. 

She was irritating and annoying that I wanted to reach into the book and slap her silly. 

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As for Rishi, he comes from money, but he doesn’t act like it. He’s humble and obedient to his parents even when they set him up to attend Insomnia Con (kind of a party name for a tech convention don’t you think!) to court Dimple. As a matter of fact, Dimple and Rishi’s parents tricked their kids into attending the convention (although Dimple really wanted to go) so they can meet. 

Rishi draws comics and he’s great at it, but he’s keen on following his parents’ dream of him having a great future in business (I think). I love the fact that Rishi was so comfortable with his uncoolness, he was the coolest person in the room. 

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Now, let’s rant in notes as I tear the book apart.

^ I did not get a sense of San Francisco besides the fog named Karl. Yes, the fog in San Fran is called Karl and the author did a great job of reminding us. However, I did not feel transported to San Fran as I did when I read James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series. 

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^ I think the author should’ve translated Hindi phrases for non-Hindi readers. I understood some of it for I used to learn Hindi at one point. 

^ An obnoxious group of well-manicured people – a white girl and boy, and an Indian boy – were already trying to take pictures of one another. (Page 65) What? You mean to tell me that black people don’t live and study in San Fran?  I thought it was unnecessary to point out the color of people’s skin for it did nothing here. I would’ve gotten it had Rishi never seen white people in his life, but for some reason, it just doesn’t work here.

^ “This is how it works in the US: In the spring we’re constantly subjected to bunnies and eggs wherever we go, signifying Christ’s resurrection. Then right around October we begin to see pine trees and nativity scenes and laughing fat white men everywhere.” (Page 142). Now, this does not offend me in any way for Easter is a pagan festival and Christmas does not signify Christ’s true birth. However, I think this paragraph was meant to be religiously controversial as Rishi said at the end that he gets to explain Hinduism. Author, stop being so foolish. If a Christian were to go to India now, they’ll be assaulted with Hinduism iconography. If the so-call Christian images are assaulting your senses, pack your bags and leave America for good. 

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^ So Dimple attends a party and drags Goody Two Shoes Rishi along with her. I can’t believe that the author wants me to believe that someone like Dimple who scorns people and social life like the plague attends parties. Just no! It doesn’t work. On the other hand, I can believe that Rishi has never been to a party before besides Diwali ones. 

^ Cue unnecessary dramatic exit: He turned and walked away, the fog swallowing him whole. (Page 353). 

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^ Where is the coding talk? The tech talk? The app talk? The whole point of Dimple attending Insomnia Con was to create a health app to help people and there was hardly any talk of it. This book was pure drivel. 

^ I am going to sound stereotypical, but this scene calls for it: Which respectful Indian boy or girl would be making out in a dark alley and when things get heated, the girl asks, “What? You mean here? We can’t do it here?” and “If you’re doing this because of some old-school concern for my ‘honor’, you don’t need to.” (Page 287). Nice going, Dimple. Really nice going. I can think of all the names in the book to call you, but then, that wouldn’t honor you, would it now?

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^ Insomnia Con is having a talent contest and Dimple wants to do a Bollywood dance. They started off with ‘Dil Na Diya’, but ended up dancing to ‘Dance Pe Chance’ from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

I was relieved when I came to the last page of this garbage. It would’ve been interesting to know more about the app and Dimple’s competitors’ apps as well. This story went from its focus on creating an app to a pointless talent show. With all of the ‘careful’ preparations leading up to the show, you’ll think the author would dedicate more than just a paragraph to it (Page 308). I wanted Dimple and Rishi to lose the talent show, but of course, they won for they danced to a SRK song after all. 

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This book was a total mess and you know what else is? Jab Harry Met Sejal and I am contemplating on doing a review soon. The author said that she was inspired by Bollywood movies and she passed for most Bollywood movies are a mess. This writing was cringe to the max.

The author forgot to thank Shah Rukh Khan in the acknowledgments and this book put me off so much that I don’t think From Twinkle, With Love would be redeeming… but I’mma read it anyway.

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Probably one of the most natural covers I’ve ever seen! I love that the model isn’t airbrushed and you can see all the hairs on her face. 5/5.


love coffee

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Books #93-#98 (and unhaul)

So many books so little time, but I am making progress! Just a little heads up: this post might be a little lengthy for I have some pages to mercilessly drag.

Book #93: Catwoman the Junior Novel by Jasmine Jones

Anyone remember that Halle Berry as Catwoman movie? Well, this book was based on that movie in 2004 targeting the 8-12 year age group so when I saw this on the Logos II, I bought it for it was cheap. It’s only 139 pages so I read it in one sitting, but I won’t recommend this book for the young ones. The Lord’s Name is taken in vain far too many times and the idea of children reading about taking things that don’t belong to them is not good (she stole jewelry and a motorcycle). 

Patience was dense and this book was depressing and pretty trashy and a waste of trees. Patience was so nice and when she became Catwoman, she was evil and psychotic. The storyline here is that it’s better to be bad than good and no children shouldn’t be reading this garbage. 

She’s a villain so don’t make a hero out of her and try to justify her creepy evil actions.

Looking back, I can’t believe that I even liked the movie when it first came out and watched it a few times. I give this book no steaming coffee, ripped it to shreds and put it in the trash.

Book #94: Message In the Flames by Steven Torres

I talked about this book in an early book haul. I had gotten it on sale and I was excited to read the story because I love Puerto Rico and their Spanish happens to be my type of Spanish! Their accent is just the hottest of the Spanish lot and they call themselves Boricuas. Está nítido! 

I apologize for getting carried away, but I love Porto Rico.

Image result for gif puerto rico

I wish I could’ve gotten into this book, but it was too slow and I found the story boring. I’ll be giving this book away.

Book #95: Love Him to Death by Tanya Landman

Image result for Love Him to Death by Tanya Landman

This is another book that I’ve spoken of in an early haul this year. My youngest sister read it before me for she enjoys a good old mystery and YA when done properly and she kept urging me to read the book while I was reading something else.

I finally got around to it, but I already knew who the murderer was thanks to my sister who didn’t want to keep it to herself. The book is 120 pages long so I read it in one sitting. However, I must say that I didn’t like it. No monsieur, not my cup of French vanilla coffee. Some of the deaths were too gruesome for a children’s book. You see why I read a variety of books? Have to warn the parents. 😉

Anyways, apart from almost putting me to sleep, there was one typo on page 57. My final verdict is 2/5 and I most likely won’t read any more books from this series.

Book #96: The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen

I remember singing this author’s praises last year when I reviewed The Surgeon and actually liken her to James Patterson. Well, I take that back after reading this garbage. 

I dislike that the author keeps linking Isles personally to the victims and suspects in a sort of creepy way. Also, the story was super predictable from the beginning and the plot was unbelievable. I believe that the author is getting bored of her star protagonists and doesn’t know what to do with them anymore.

There’s this scene where Isles goes back by herself to the house of the Mephisto Club and I thought that this was absolutely stupid of her. And I’m sorry, but you cannot know the Son of Sam and other things relating to such and not know what the eye of Horus is. Nope. Not buying it.

This is the last book that I’m ever going to read from this author. I’m happy that this book was given to me so I didn’t have to spend money on it. It’s unrateable and unreadable and it’s going to meet the same fate as Catwoman.

Book #97: His First Wife by Grace Octavia

This book was okay despite the fact I did not like the formatting game. Could’ve been tighter. 

The characters weren’t so likable, though. No one gets my sympathy when it comes to breaking up a marriage no matter how shaky it is. I disliked Coreen so much that I wanted to reach into the book and punch her living daylights out. 

It was also hard for me to feel sorry for Kerry when her so-call best friend and friend’s husband knew all about “the other woman”. Kerry was selfish and spoiled at times and it felt like she didn’t have a clue on how to be a wife (someone get her a manual!). I get that she comes from old money, but she was a crybaby. Then there was this:

“Flowers?” I recoiled. “I thought that he was off in Paris living it up in love with some French white woman.” (Page 287)

Why couldn’t she be black? I assure you, Madame Author, that black French women do exist and they’re quite beautiful as the white French woman, so again, why couldn’t the woman in question be black? 

Image result for black french women

Have you not heard of the lovely Noémie Lenoir? Why follow every other author and stereotype everything? Write the same thing just to be on the safe side? Why not be a little risky sometimes?

Anyway, moving on. There was a mistake on page 163: the email in question was supposed to send to Jamison from Coreen and not the other way around. I won’t be reading the other books in this series and for the final rating, I give this book a 2/5.

Book #98: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Where do I begin? Where do I begin?

I know this word is a pretty strong and offensive word, but I HATED LARA JEAN! There, I said it. I love the Korean-American representation, but Lara is not a protagonist to root for. She’s supposed to be sixteen, but she acts more like eleven. And she was whiny and ditzy.

This book does not have any likable characters save for the girls’ father and Peter. Peter Kavinsky must be the first obnoxious boy I liked, so congrats Peter, must be the surname.

And what’s up with YA novels and tons of food? In almost every chapter a character is cooking or eating. Major turn off for I thought I was reading a culinary textbook. 

The chapters are short, but not as engaging as James Patterson’s short chapters and I thought the book was too long and chatty. On page 49, there is an explanation as to why people at school didn’t know that two girls were cousins because they looked nothing alike. Is there a universal rule somewhere that states all cousins must look alike for it was implied. I’m glad I look nothing like my cousins.

I’m glad that this horrible book is going out of my life. It read like a Taylor Swift music video. 2/5. Better shake this off with another book.

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Do you know what this means? I can haul more books!