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Extreme Fondness

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DAY 11

Dart! Still abducted.Β He randomly thought as he opened his eyes. He didn’t have to guess his surroundings. It was his. He was held captive by two of his college students in his very own home and handcuffed to his very own bed for the past three days. He’ll like to believe that his extreme fondness of social media led him to this demise. The constant updating on Facebook, the regular funny tweets, and the glossy photos of his life splash on Instagram were key factors as to why the girls would do this. Now that he thinks about it, the girls were constantly liking and commenting on his posts and they hardly paid attention in his class. He groaned. Their liking for him was beyond extreme fondness. It was a dangerous obsession.

Β© La Petit Muse 2016 (Dangerous Obsession)

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