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Jai and Diana

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DAY 19

Jai and Diana.

It didn’t sink in yet for Deepika, Jai’s younger sister who acted like the older overly protective sibling over her deaf brother. She was an eavesdropping witness when Jai signed his trust over to the bubbly young woman currently perched on his lap and holding his hands against her heart. Diana was a beautiful girl and Deepika had initially thought that the Romanian femme fatale was out to use her brother. When she had moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her brother, she tried to do everything in her power to get rid of Diana.

But Jai was adamant.

Diana learned sign language just for him. She looked at him with stars in her eyes and Deepika knew that this was what true love looked like. She wouldn’t admit it, but Deepika likes that Diana treats Jai as a normal person. She never made him feel less of himself just because he was hearing impaired. And when her friends shunned Jai because of it, Diana didn’t have to think twice about letting them go.

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