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30 days of gratitude: Days 3 & 4

Day 3: What color are you grateful for?

I’ll always be grateful for blue eyes and blue skies. If faith had a color, it’ll definitely be blue. Such a beautiful and calming color! 💙

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Day 4: What food are you most grateful for?

Whatever meal is placed in front of me to be consumed for lunch or dinner. I can’t ever complain with what the good Lord bless me with each day.

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50 Foods #34: Apple Pie

Origin: All over the world
Date: 18th century
Type: Fruit in a pastry crust

America’s national treasure!

Although the apple originated in Central Asia, it can be argued that the apple pie had not originated from there. Some argued that the apple pie first had its roots in Europe. However, variations of the apple pie exist all around the world, my favorite being the French style call tarte tatin. 

Would I eat/drink it?: I. LOVE. APPLE. PIE!!

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50 Foods #33: Vindaloo

Origin: Goa
Date: 16th century
Type: Hot curry

Goa, India has a very rich Portuguese history, something I learned while watching the Bollywood film, Josh.


After watching this movie, I ended up researching Goa and I delved deep into their colorful past including the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama who landed in Calicut (South of Goa) in 1498 (I think this was mentioned in the film) and their food especially vindaloo, a very spicy dish that asks for a lot of chilies!

Indian food is enjoyed globally. It won’t hurt to stop by your local Indian restaurant and try their vindaloo.

Would I eat/drink it?: I LOVE INDIAN FOOD!! The spicier, the better. 😋

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Share your world for week of January 29th

Cee’s Share Your World Challenge continues now! 😁

If you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which one would you choose? Why?

RIK Services Ltd in San Fernando! It’s my favorite bookstore and I love books so it’s a win-win! 💖

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What is the worst thing you ate recently?

Nothing bad. I’ve eaten some really pleasing meals lately for which I am thankful for.

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Name five things you like watching…

* The sunrise on mornings.

* The sunset on evenings.

* Kittens/puppies playing

* Parrots/Pigeons flying

* The ocean

I love watching nature in general.

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What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

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50 Foods #28: Biltong

Origin: South Africa
Date: 17th century
Type: Cured meat

I’ve never heard of biltong until this book, so I had no idea what it was. Biltong is a form of cured meat that is cured with salt and vinegar which is then air-dried so it lasts a lifetime. Various meats such as game and beef are used to produce it. 

Biltong is related to beef jerky given that they are both dried and spiced meats.

Would I eat it?: Eh!

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