The Community


So beautiful! One for the future! Don’t stop dreaming!


In my mind I paint a picture, through it hope that you can see

My dreams and all my wishes of what our lives one day will be

I see us sharing everything; our hopes, our dreams, and tears

Supplying strength to one another, overcoming buried fears

A portion of our love, with humanity we’ll share

So that all the lives we touch will know, without a doubt, we care

To the children of our world, love and laughter freely give;

Help them understand, they too, create the world in which they live

All this, and more together, in our mountain home one day

With all God’s other creatures, we’ll be free to romp and play

As the holidays approach, we’ll cut our Christmas tree

It will reflect our love, for all the world to see

Clinging to each other, and yet with love to give

In my dreams this…

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