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Hit it if you know you lit!

It pays to be a YouTuber and they know it. When they’re not busy pushing their merch in our faces, they’re, well, rapping about being lit.

LIT (English meaning) – past and past participle of light

LIT (this generation meaning) – When something is popping or turned up.

Image result for gif its lit

I think I might have used this GIF a month or two aback. 😛

If it’s one word that is overused by YouTubers it is ‘lit’. Almost every channel I visit (or YT suggests), everyone is like ‘That’s so lit!’ or ‘It’s lit, y’all!’ Once there was a rock band call Lit (‘My Own Worst Enemy’ fame) and that was a time when the word ‘lit’ was not thrown around carelessly as the youngsters are doing now. We can blame the rappers, though. They’ve taken ‘lit’ to another whole level because every day they’re lit. *insert eye roll here*

Image result for gif its lit

Speaking of rapping, YouTubers are rappers now and it doesn’t exclude the Dobre Brothers (Cyrus, Darius, Lucas, and Marcus). The brothers have abused the word so much so why not make a song about it, eh? Guys?

Image result for gif you know you lit dobre brothers

Hit it like you don’t care
Hit it if you ain’t scared
Hit it like you don’t care
Hit it if you know you lit

They have no bars, or flow – save Cyrus – but I like silly. I like the fact that the super cars are their very own and not a rental and how they give God thanks for everything that they have. Now, that is lit! But I still don’t know what I’m hitting although I’m not scared… oh, the subscribe button. Hit it if you know you lit. I see what they did there, guys. ^.^

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