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Why You Might Want To Consider Detoxing (2 minute read)

Thinking about detoxing? Here’s some really useful information…

Don Cormier

With so much information about the danger of toxins, you may be wondering if you need to detox your body. Over the years I’ve read a lot of information about diets, procedures, and other common approaches to detoxification.Traditionally, detoxification was done in the spring and fall when temperatures were moderate and fresh greens were unlimited. However, the popularity of New Year’s resolutions in January pushes people to want to cleanse in the winter.
Our body is designed to detox naturally. A complete body detox is a long and committed process but can be especially rewarding. If you’ve never performed a detox, I recommend it. Detoxing is for everyone. Everyone, that is, who wants to have an abundance of physical energy, to be mentally calm and in control and to have the freedom of choice that comes from feeling really well. Some people inherit better detox systems than others, and younger people…

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