C’est la fin de l’année!

It’s the end of the year!

I’m currently looking back at 2018 and reflecting on my walk with God, and I am still surprised at how fast the time just flew by! However, I cannot complain about 2018, for it drew me closer to God in many ways. I was reminded that I can’t always have what I want on my time and peace was given to me in ways I couldn’t even begin to describe. 

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I also learned to let go of unimportant things that I was holding onto. I’ve also thought about revamping the blog, but that would most definitely come next year God’s willing. 


I’m taking a break from blogging this month… from this Wednesday God’s willing. During this time, I won’t be logging in at all. I plan to come back sometime in January or February God’s willing, so I’m going to take my jacket off…

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…and just relax and bask in God’s presence. I’m going to miss you, but we’ll reconcile soon. 💙

Blessed décembre to all and keep walking with Jesus.


Dynamic December!

I honestly love this GIF because it made me laugh out loud today and I needed it. I came up with a few short stories on the spot about why Mr. Cruise is looking at the toilet sign in despair, but the GIF is taken from when TC made an appearance on The Late Night Show with James Corden. I think Corden lacks in the humor department so I don’t watch the show, but for some reason, this episode was recommended to me and I watched it and laughed my head off. It was a pretty good skit, but no, I still won’t be wasting my time watching his show.

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Anyway, doesn’t matter, because it’s December! 

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Can you believe this? It’s already December! The time is just getting shorter and shorter day by day. I mean, where did November go?

December Plans!

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Fresh from participating in NaNoWriMo, I am looking forward to catching up on some posts I drafted for this month and by the looks of it, we have much to talk about. I am looking forward to updating some categories (Yes, This Is Our World, English English! and Pretty Cool Fact especially) and I have something in store for Thankful Thursday which would involve the blogs that I follow. 

This month (if I stay on track), we’ll talk about stuff like:

^ Languages

^ Book Covers (might get push back to January, to be honest)

^ Blogging (this one is a maybe although I have many topics in drafts!)

^ Editing

^ Family

See, the blog is so random and I have so many ideas, that sometimes, I don’t know where to start.

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Over on Pinterest, I’ve pinned over 50 challenge ideas for the blog in the last few months, but I’ve decided on this one:

DreamyCards More

Whoa, I better slow my roll there for this month looks like it’s going to be packed!

Blessed December to everyone, thank God that you have breath, and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse:


Here’s to a wonderful December!

Red Ceramic Heart Shaped Mug

*Looks around* Where did November go? 

A little recap

I did not get to complete the #NovemberNotes challenge, but prior to the start of November, I know I wouldn’t complete half. It was a great challenge, though, and I look forward to future ones. 

NaNoWriMo was fun this time around and although I didn’t win, I am focus on completing the first draft. It’s actually nice that a few people are already interested in seeing the final product. 🙂

Hello, December!

I have a few things planned for this month. 

^ Focus on completing the first draft for Obsédé. I am probably going to be blabbing about this new story a lot more than I should. I would not apologize, but you have been warned. 😛


^ Telling my Wattpad story. I also want to start promoting some really cool and interesting Wattpad stories that I’ve discovered since I remembered that I signed up for this platform.

^ Post about the importance of research, character building, and some forgotten basic English rules.

^ Work on a Nostalgia time wrap thing.

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I am very excited to welcome December! I am putting things in order for next year God’s willing concerning my future and I am looking forward to it with open arms. 

Blessed December to all and remember to…

June plans! – La Petit Muse: