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Just A Little More

Short Story #6

“Well, Lilly, I have an update for you.” The voice spoke low and unhurried given that it was just them alone on this humid evening. He cherished these little moments with just her. “Will is finally learning to draw again. His art is a little bit darker, but I am reminded that he has to take baby steps in order to rediscover the artist within. He mostly uses black, dark blue, bloody red, and gray colors, though. As for Cindy, she is finally bringing home good grades. She also brought home her first boyfriend, Shah, who is a nice boy. He has been a pillar for her to lean on. He also surfs and he’s actually teaching Cindy to catch the waves.”

James wearily smiled and placed the bouquet of his late wife’s favorite flowers on the grave. It’s been two and a half years since the light of his life went out of this world plunging it into temporary darkness.

I can’t bear being apart from you any longer, but just a little more. Just a little more and then I’ll be with you.

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About Her

Short Story #3

short story sunday

Grace watch as her husband of fifteen years drinks his coffee – black, with one teaspoon of sugar. She fondly smiled at the slightly graying wisps in his sideburns, the slightly upturned corners of his mouth and committed them to memory. This was how she wanted to remember him.

“Raymond,” her soft voice rattled the peaceful silence. “I know about her,” she admitted and looked at him in slight disgust.

Raymond chuckled. “Know about whom?”

“That girl you’ve been seeing behind my back for the past three months.” Grace spat, unable to suppress her rage any longer. She got pleasure in seeing her husband’s face drop. “She’s just a child, Ray, how could you?”

Raymond put the cup down and sighed. “Gracie, I’m sorry for not telling you, but…”

“…I don’t want to hear any excuses!” Grace snarled. “That girl you’re seeing could be your daughter. If you were bored with our relationship, you could’ve at least had the guts to say something instead of seeing her behind my back. Do you know how stupid it’s going to make me look when everyone finds out?”

Raymond suddenly felt a headache coming on and eyed the coffee suspiciously. “Gracie, what’s in this thing?”

“Cyanide,” she proudly held her head high.

“But why?” Raymond rasped. “I didn’t do anything wrong. You like dancing and…Jennifer was teaching me how to dance. I wanted to surprise you.”

Grace’s mouth opened in shock. She couldn’t feel her boneless limbs as her mind screamed out at her to call the hospital. She watched on in muted terror as her beloved Raymond slumped over the table, dead from the toxic coffee. Before she knew what she was doing, her trembling hands reached out to pat her husband’s head one last time before reaching for the cup.

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These Are My Tears (I Weep For You)

Your smile,
your laughter, I’ll never forget
these are my tears as I weep for you

You weren’t the easiest of men,
but you protected what was yours
these are my tears as I weep for you

I know we have to let you go
but I wish you didn’t have to go
For I wasn’t ready to say goodbye
these are my tears. I weep for you.

I’m a writer, but today I can’t find the words
to express the way I feel
but these are my tears. I weep for you.

Last evening, my grandfather passed away and I am still trying to process the fact that I’ll never see him again. It doesn’t matter if I knew the time was coming for him to go, it’s never easy dealing with the loss. It’s also never easy sharing my words on here.

I have his memories, his smile, and especially his laugh. Grandpa loved to laugh! In his last days, he was robbed of that infectious laugh, but if I listen carefully, I could hear that melodic laugh ringing around his beloved home.

May your weary soul now find solace.

R.I.P. Grandpa.

My angel
When you are whispering in my ear
You have nothing to fear

It’s all, you have nothing to fear
You gave, you have nothing to fear
It’s all, you have nothing to fear
I got, you have nothing to fear