Sunrise ๐ŸŒ„

No matter how dark the night gets, sunrise is always imminent.

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The dark/weird side of YouTube

Like every other site out there, one must be careful of the content that they choose to watch on YouTube for you might just be on the dark side of YT.

YouTube is a nice place to unwind, but sometimes you can find yourself on the strange side of it and it’s not a nice place to be.

The Dark Side

It is unfortunate that some of the sites on YT are geared towards luring young children (and pedophiles) to disturbing material. Unsupervised young children are watching sexually suggestive videoes which feature the likes of Elsa and Spiderman in comprising positions (as the video explains below).

Channels such as SevenSuperGirls was recently exposed by several websites as catering to perverts’ fetishes. The channel recruits girls (all under 18) worldwide and they’re featured wearing bikinis and leotards most of the time. Why? Aiming the channel at teens is just a cover for theย dark and disturbing exploitation of young girls.ย 

Tosh.O exposed the channel as a dark pedophile corner which has over 12 billion views.ย 

Parents, you shouldn’t be leaving your young children unsupervised on the web period. Please, open your eyes, for there are many sick and twisted people out here who neglect to think about children when they’re creating so call “entertaining” content. Just as social media sites, YouTube seem content on not doing anything, because of the views and revenue.

The Weird/Creepy Side

I don’t know how these videos even get made because they’re the most messed up clips online and they can scare the bees out of the hives. From creepy animations to ads you’ll never see on TV, the creepy side of YT can forever scar you. Well, those who can’t stomach the creepiness. I keep wondering if some of these uploaders are demon possessed because the creepy level is unreal!

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