Tom Cruise as Green Lantern? Erm, no… yes… maybe!


Tom Cruise is on a shortlist for the role of Hal Jordon/Green Lantern for the film Green Lantern Corps. Also on the list is Joel McHale (really?), Bradley Cooper (most likely candidate), Ryan Reynolds (the last time he took on the role of the Hal and the movie failed miserably), Jake Gyllenhaal (why?) and Armie Hammer (who?). 

Seriously, no one thought about Dan Amboyer?

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Honestly, Cruise is the most surprising name on the list. The only thing that Cruise and the Hal have in common is that they’re pilots. As much as I’ll like to see Cruise portray a superhero, I only see him as Batman material. If he chooses to do this, it’ll be the first time seeing Cruise as a superhero. However, Cruise once told Jimmy Kimmel that although he loves the superhero films, he rather do the Missons and Reachers.

I guess he’s on the shortlist because the writers think that Hal Jordan looks just like TC. 😛 I mean…

Image result for green lantern hal jordan tom cruise

Image result for green lantern hal jordan tom cruise

And if that is not convincing enough, then maybe this art by Hamza Javed might just do the trick:

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