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50 Foods #1: Woolly Mammoth


Origin: Northern Europe and Siberia
Date: From about 40,000 BP until the end of the Ice Age
Type: large extinct animal

The Ice Age never sits well with me, for I don’t believe that for one second the world was once populated with cavemen (or dinosaurs for that matter). The so-call woolly mammoth was said to be driven to extinct by climate changes and human impacts. The world is old, but I don’t think its 2.5 million years old and the Bible certainly didn’t mention anything about woolly mammoths as meat. Don’t tell me what to believe in. Just like many people don’t believe in the source of a Greater and Higher Power above, I don’t believe in Ice Age and evolution.

Nevertheless, woolly mammoths were said to be pit roasted during the Pleistocene period which humans and mammoths shared for 20,000 years.

Maybe it took an entire village to kill one of those things… or maybe not.

Image: Daily Mail

Either way, I still cannot fathom that woolly mammoths ever walked the face of this earth.

Would I eat it?: NO! I would’ve found other means of survival. 

However, I did enjoy that Ice Age cartoon CRO when I was a child.