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He was trying really hard to restrain himself, but when the judge called ‘Sustained,’ for the fourth time, Marcus lost it.

“Sustained? Lady, are you crazy? My client never–“

“Order in the court, Mr. –“

“No, I won’t be quiet! You’ve been nothing, but bias in your handling of this case since day one. Don’t take me for a fool.”

“Mr. da Díxon, you will be held in contempt of the–“

“I don’t care, lady,” the French lawyer dismissed the judge with a flick of his wrist, causing the jury to gasp in one accord. “I know the prosecutor here is your friend, so there is no need to pretend.”

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*sighs* Here I go again working on another new story. Would it ever end? 

july 8

For Word-High July

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