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Cling to it!

Cling to all that is good! πŸ™‚


I cling and cling and cling to you;
Yes! I cling to you;
Do you know why I cling to you?
Not just because you are sweet;
Not just because of your beauty;
Not just because you shine;
But more because you cling to me;
I like when husband clings to wife;
And wife clings to husband;
I also like when people cling to God;
And put him in charge of their lives;
I hate when people cling to earthly things;
Like those who cling to power;
And those who cling to money;
And those who cling to property.
And those like my friend,
Who cling to the throne;
Cling to your dream to change the world;
Cling also to you God.
That is what you should cling to.

Daily Prompt: Cling

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