NANOWRIMO: Final preparations check list

  • Character bios. If not, download this Character Questionnaire here: CHARACTER SKETCH
  • Your story is already outlined.
  • You have a writing buddy.
  • Has set a writing goal in mind. If you need a calendar to help with your progress, drop in at Book Baby if you havenโ€™t as yet:

  • Has a clear schedule of what your writing time should be.
  • Has created a mixtape of the songs youโ€™ll want to listen to.
  • Stocked up on the treats (I have popcorn and coffee ready to go)
  • Backup! Backup! Backup! Make sure you have a backup procedure otherwise all your hard work would have been for naught.
  • Informed your loved ones that youโ€™re going to take your writing seriously and November is all yours.

All the best with this year’s challenge!