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The Birdie Awards! 🦅

Good night, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Birdies! For the last few months, I’ve been featuring birds of every color and sizes for the A to Z Bird Challenge. Although it’s now completed, I went back to pour over the birds that didn’t quite make the cut, so this is sort of a tribute to them… and one or two that were already featured.

And the winners are:

🐦 Best Hair-do: The Gloster Canary & The Crested Duck

The Gloster Canary | The 15 Goofiest Animals Who Make The World A Happier Place Crested Duck

Mr. Gloster has a wicked bowl haircut, while the crested ducks look like judges of the lake.

🐦 Most Graceful: The Swan

Beautiful White Swan in a Waterfall. Pinned or Repinned by "JacquiandScott" and "Jacqueline Hyland." Come Follow Us. With over 500 Boards and 100K Pins and Gifs, We're a "Must-See" Collection on Pinterest & We Love {{Our Followers}} Big Hopeful Hugs, From JacquiandScott, and JacquelineHyland, Your Newest Pin-Pals, and the Last Line is Reserved for The Previous Pinner -

All I can say is… beat that!

🐦 Most Elegant: The Flamingo

Flamingo GIF - Find on GIFER

Co-host: Is that the winning dance?

I don’t know what it’s doing, Bob, but this moonwalk is dizzying!

🐦 Most Joyful While Working: The Hummingbird

Hummingbird GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

What can I say? I love watching these babies work!

🐦 Just the Sweetest: The Strawberry Finch

It looks like it was dipped in added sugar. It’s like an overly sweet, ripe strawberry!

🐦 Most Photogenic Owl: The Burrowing Owl

Name a fiercer model, I’m waiting.

🐦 The Cutest Owl: The Barn Owl

Co-host: And it’s fabulous, too!

🐦 Most Talented & Best Prankster: The Lyre

This bird is unbelievable! So incredible, that we have to go to video, Jose!

Co-host: It’s Bob.

That’s what I said! (Cringes as Bob gives a death stare) Anyways, this bird is AMAZING at mimicry! It can mimic anything from car alarms to chainsaws. Let’s go to video with Attenborough!

🐦 Best Dancer: The Western Parotia

Moves so sick, you should call the cops! Here’s the lost audition tape of this terrific dancer.

🐦 Top Model: The Secretary Bird

Come on, Legs for Years!

🐦 Most Excellent Shade of Blue: The Blue Crowned Pigeon & The Grandala

 Единственный представитель - Лазоревая птица Grandala ...

All beautiful things come in packages of exotic blue shades!

🐦 The Fluffiest: The Long Tailed Tit

What a cute fluff ball!

🐦 Best Camouflage: The Large Frogmouth

🔥 Large Frogmouth with baby 🔥 - NatureIsFuckingLit

If this bird were to be still in a pile of leaves… it’ll look like a pile of leaves. And the baby is cute!

🐦 Most Fancy: The Frillback Pigeon & The Crested Guineafowl

What beauties! It looks like someone actually sprinkled chocolate shavings on the pigeon and the guineafowl looks like a rockstar… if Little Richard and Prince were birds!

🐦 Most Extraordinary: The Harpy Eagle

Co-host: ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ called; they want their costume back!

Haha! Good one, Jose!

Co-host: It’s Bob for the last time.

That’s what the parakeet said.

Co-host: I’m out. You can finish host the Birdies with your lame jokes! (Puts mic down and exits)

Peckish much? Let’s wrap this up!

🐦 Bird I Wouldn’t Mess With: The Dracula Parrot

Yikes! A goth among birds. If Marcus was a bird…

🐦 The Sweetest Sounding Name: Tilhi

Pestvogel / Bohemian Waxwing by Rob Teunen aka Borelius, via Flickr>>need to go visit my sister in AK in winter so I can see one of these!

This bird is beautiful. Period.

🐦 The Most Annoying: Woody Woodpecker!

Pin by Christopher Medrano on My Saves | Vintage cartoon, Woody woodpecker,  Woody

And that is all the time we have! Thank you for joining us. Good night from somewhere in a bird’s natural habitat!

Images & Video Reference: Pinterest; Google Search; YouTube

Flowers Floral Roses - Free image on Pixabay


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