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Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #2

I am way behind when it comes to writing posts and sorting out my drafts. Also, I am behind in reading some blogs including the blog that I am thankful for today…

Pop in for a visit at Mcclendon Villa

Suzanne Gunter McClendon is a Christian who enjoys photography, digital art, fiber crafts such as crocheting and knitting. She is also an avid reader. You can read all about her on her About page.


McClendon blogs about book reviews, medical issues, life, and holidays among many other things and she also participate in many WP challenges. At the moment, blogging has to take a backseat for the family is dealing with a serious health issue where it concerns David, so all prayers are kindly appreciated. 

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Trying to leave comments but…

…it’s not working!

I’m currently catching up on some blogs, but there’s a setback: I’m not able to leave comments on some posts and it’s driving me nuts! 

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Where I was able to leave comments on some posts on one blog, I was unable to leave comments on some of the same blogger’s other posts (for they keep disappearing as soon as I post them. Ghost comments?). I was able to like the post, though. 

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I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this problem, but I hope it resolves soon. Happy Sunday! 🙂

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Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #1

It’s Thursday! And this is the Thursday that I’m going to start showing my appreciation for the blogs that I follow like I said I wanted to do last month. To recap: I wrote down all of the names of the blogs that I follow on pieces of paper, put them into a bag, shake it up and had my sister choose. 

So today, I’m grateful for…

Pop in for a visit at

I just caught up with Akhila over on Words and Notion. I’m guilty of not keeping up with her blog for the Reader is kind of messed up and all the blogs I follow doesn’t always show up. 

Akhila is a Quality Assurance professional and she makes words dance off the page with her thought-provoking poems. I find her Psychic Science posts intriguing and her Female Behavior series convincing.

Post Alert!| I am not always right

She sometimes features posts in her native Malayalam, a language I which I can understand! She has a book out now and it’s available on Amazon.

I have some more catching up to do, but I am thankful for this blog.


Catching up!

I have some major catching up to do. I’ve been having wonky internet at home and at work for the past few days and it’s been disgusting! I won’t be posting anything until I’ve read and caught up with all the blogs (that’ll take 2-3 hours tops!) and then I’ll be watching a movie. I am not sure which one I’ll watch yet, though. Hope you’re having a great night/afternoon/morning! 🙂

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365 Days of Writing

April 09th: Do-over


Go back to a blog post you always thought could be better, or were unsatisfied with — now, fix it.

Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe there were a few posts I think that could’ve done better, but I am not going to pour through the blog for that. Instead, I’ll leave two posts that I enjoyed writing:

Life Lessons From Jesus

Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Espresso Shots ☕

Fess-up Friday: The story behind the name ‘La Petit Muse’

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So, I have a story to tell…

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I was recently asked why ‘petit’ instead of ‘petite’ given that I am a Francophile. Yes, I know I should know these things and trust me, I know these things. However, when I was signing up for this account, WordPress told me that ‘La Petite Muse’ was taken (URL), but ‘La Petit Muse’ was available, so I took it and the rest was history. I like the title of my blog to be the same as the URL so I kept ‘petit’.

I recently Googled ‘La Petit Muse’ and came across a fashion Tumblr of the same name and spelling.

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The word petit actually means small, minor, insignificant or petty where the law is concerned in France. It is also a very common surname there. And guess what? I love the law too, so it worked out fine in the end. Although I am ‘butchering’ the language, I translate La Petit Muse to The Insignificant Muse. Blame my writing imagination, but I really like it. 😊

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