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Beautiful men in the Bible: answers

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Last Sabbath, the first Bible activity was launched and the topic was quite a handsome one if I must say so myself. I’m not one to pay attention to physical beauty while reading the Bible, but this time around, it happened to be of interest as I read, study, learn and rediscover God’s Word.

Before I list the answers, I just want to thank YOU for reading and participating by leaving comments. 💙

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We all know Sarah was beautiful (Genesis 12:11) and we’ve come across many other beautiful women in the Bible, but I’ve never really paid attention to how certain men are described in the Bible. So it started with Joseph’s handsome appearance (Genesis 39:6) and then I left off wondering how many other men’s beauty was referenced in the Bible. Are you still curious as I was? Here are the other males I came across:

Saul: Israel’s first King was tall and attractive (1 Samuel 9:2).

David: He had beautiful eyes, red hair (ruddy) and was very attractive (1 Samuel 16:12). I also noted his beauty was mentioned in 1 Samuel 16:18 (in this verse, we also see that he was a skillful musician, a mighty warrior and a wise man where it concerned speech and godly) and also in 1 Samuel 17:42. David was said to be effeminate in appearance by some Bible scholars. Even if he was, this doesn’t mean that he wore make-up and women’s clothing. He was just pretty, but all manly.

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Absalom: Obviously, someone had to inherit the father’s awfully pretty looks, but this one surpassed David for his beauty was flawless (2 Samuel 14:25). His beauty made him quite popular and he was also praised because of it.

Adonijah: He was quite handsome and born after Absalom (1 Kings 1:6).

The Assyrians were gorgeous men (Ezekiel 23:12) so were the Babylonians, the Chaldeans, and the Aramean tribes of Pekod, and Shoa, and Koa (Ezekiel 23:23).

Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah‘s good looks were mentioned indirectly in Daniel 1:4. To work in the Babylonian King’s court the men had to be intelligent, knew their manners and of course, have good looks.

Moses‘ good looks are mentioned in Acts 7:20.

King of Tyre/Satan: Ezekiel 28:12-17

Solomon: Of course! Mentions of his beauty are peppered across SOS (Song of Solomon) especially in 5:10-16. SOS can be read as an allegory of Christ’s love for the church and also as a romantic love story and I intend to study it as both when that bridge is reached.

I did not include our Savior for He had no beauty that mankind may desire Him while He walked the earth (Isaiah 53:2), yet He is fairer than mankind (Psalm 45:2) for He is the eternal King. His beauty is so great that it cannot be compared with the mortal man. 

If I missed any, do let me know in the comment section down below. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Bible Activity/Discussion

Handsome men in the Bible

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Genesis 39:6 New International Version (NIV)

So Potiphar left everything he had in Joseph’s care; with Joseph in charge, he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate.

Now Joseph was well-built and handsome,

We just came from reading Genesis 39. We see that Joseph was handsome in form and appearance and he caught the roving eyes of Potiphar’s wife who tried (and failed) to seduce him. We’ve met many males in the Bible, but the emphasis of their beauty was not taken into consideration as Joseph’s (or a few others for that matter).

How the conception of male beauty has changed! In the Bible where a man was called handsome, we now call them pretty boys. It’s like the world is out of manly men! The men lately want to be in touch with their feminine side so they want to be metrosexuals. It’s all part of today’s worldly deception.

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The Bible calls a few other men handsome. One was even praised for his flawless beauty. Can you name them? Answers next Sabbath be it God’s willing as the theme this upcoming week is going to be centered around beauty

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Football ⚽

And the star of the World Cup goes to..

No, it’s not Lionel Messi or even Cristiano Ronaldo.

When women tuned into the Morocco v Iran game on Friday, the social media world EX.PLO.DED! No, it was not because of one of the players, but a certain coach. Hervé Renard of Morocco!

There is actually more footage of the French coach than the match. Women took to social media to express the reason why they’re suddenly interested in the World Cup and yes, I might have rolled my eyes at some point. Some people said he looks like something called Jaime Lannister (or something of the foreign sort) from some show I’ve never seen (I think it’s Game of Thrones, but I don’t care for it), others said he should be on romance book covers (Fabio would have a cow!), the next James Bond, a male model, an actor, and some said he looks like Prince Charming from Shrek.

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Doesn’t even come close to the real thing…

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Even the commentators had a field day! They called him dashing and other glowing adjectives every time the camera landed on his face. And I’m sitting trying to enjoy the game wondering if they’ve never seen an attractive man before.

I like Renard. A lot. And he might have just boosted the female ratings for the WC, but he’s more than just a pretty weathered face in an immaculate white shirt. I’ve been a long time supporter of Renard. I was elated when he became the first coach to win 2 AFCON (African Cup of Nation) titles with Zambia and Ivory Coast and I threw my support behind him when he took on the Morocco job. I also think that he’s one of the most stylish coaches of all time despite his style being so effortlessly simple.

I’m not saying that it’s not nice to appreciate beauty, but we live in a world where everything has to be beautiful in order to be accepted or worshipped. This can easily turn into lust. I’m glad that I do not tune into football for the great looks, but for the game itself otherwise, I wouldn’t be enjoying the game. If good looks won games, then Renard definitely would’ve taken this World Cup, but he isn’t going to. I’m certain all the ladies who started watching the beautiful game just for him would abandon it when his team leaves. 

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Here’s a funny thought, though: the first time I laid eyes on Renard, I was like, “Did this man just stepped out of a romance novel?” I mean, here’s a suave dude with flowing shiny blond hair, astonishing eyes, nice bone structure, really nice tan and stubble and handsome ruggedness. He is the quintessential walking stereotype romantic Frenchman hopeless writers write about. 

Yes, he’s shockingly French looking, but the world is still spinning.

And thirsty ladies, the WC sensation is taken.

Yay for interracial goodness! 😃

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Simplicity: An Onda Mel

The lady is right. You are beautiful no matter what the media says about ideal beauty.

A Reading Writer

Don’t wait for someone to tell you
you’re beautiful,
you are soulful.
Your heart and soul are fresh and new.

The truth is as clear as white snow.
Simple or not,
make-up, without,
your real and raw beauty will show.

Photo credit: Unsplash

In response to OctPoWriMo 2016 by Morgan Dragonwillow‘s Day 30.

The Onda Mel is an invented verse form introduced by Renelda Gibson.

The Onda Mel is:

  • an octastich, a poem in 8 lines made up of 2 quatrains.
  • syllabic, 8-4-4-8-8-4-4-8 syllables per line.
  • rhymed abbacddc.

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Beauty’s lost love

Once again, I share another poem from Tammy. The images are also supplied by her.


Love come love goes,
It melts the soul sometimes fast or really slow,
Once said beauty,
To the prince of her dreams which is now just only painted in her,
Dark reality,
Met him at one of the fairest balls,
Down escaping into the clear skies,
Midway into the rich gold halls,
Green eyes danced in glee,
Holding hands in the sun and in the seas,
This was love not a fantasy,
No really said beauty it was love not a fantasy,
Romantic picnics by the running blue lakes,
Poured expensive mashed grapes into the mouth,
As the sweet aroma of roses intakes,
Diamond ring placed on the indicated marriage finger,
Cried over joyous tears, didn’t want the wed day to linger,
One day Mr. Love was on a trip to Venice,
“I promise I will be back” he retorted on his one bended knee,
Beauty believed her love is words and smiled at the time,
But that promise wasn’t back not in a wink of an eye,
Days turned into weeks and as months turned into years,
Beauty’s happiness was replaced by endless tears,
Sleep wasn’t needed anymore,
The rose love gave her withered with rootless sores,
She cried and cried until the meaning of cry didn’t exist any longer,
No consumption for years just dragged and rolled in hunger,
Mother and father got disturbed and left beauty to finish rot,
The greenness left her pupil now just filled with unwashed dust,
Love never returned,
Not one winter,
Not one summer,
Not one autumn,
Not any of the seasons whatsoever,
Her nails engraved before beauty’s expiration day,
Written by beauty’s last breath and decay.

© Tammy

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Poetry Wednesday: The painted mirror

For the next 3 Wednesdays, I’ll be featuring poems from my friend, Tammy. She writes from whatever inspiration she draws from nature and its surroundings and I think she has a way with words. Tammy is a magical being and many of her poetry are inspired by such imagination.

Placed on Bolivia’s glass floors,

I painted a mirror with huge colors,

That galore,

Painted on the world’s largest moor!

A paradigm of colors arrayed,

Through the thin bright stairways of angelic clouds,

They never dim they stayed.

White light rays from heaven shrouded,

Around, abound, up and all the way down,

Walking on this mirror of magic,

Seems like you’re in the air, not below where lies the tragic.

Just dream and dream and dream,

The sunlight rains constant beams,

Is that the sound of the angels from above?

Instrumented with violins on the reflected cloud with doves,

Imagination never ends here,

I don’t want to go home don’t you dare!

I stand on glass, I stand in the sky,

Don’t take my mirror away, not even for one night.

Solitude of happiness, I’m not allowed to cry,

Dear painted mirror of Bolivia, keep me infinite,

God’s grandeur shines its light,

Awaiting another day,

Another visit,

Yes, my dear you’re infinite.

© Tammy