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Book #10: Blackout

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Author: Annie Solomon
Publisher: Warner Forever (April 01st, 2006)
Pages: 354


A month ago Margo Scott was a book dealer with family and friends. Now, suddenly, she can’t remember the last four weeks of her life, everyone close to her has disappeared, and she’s the prime suspect in a murder. When an intruder attacks, she responds with lightning-quick moves she has no memory of ever learning. Undercover agent Jake Wise has her in his sights and can’t decide if this mysterious woman is an assassin or a pawn. Is he tempted to protect her because she’s innocent or because he’s falling for her?

Thrust together, these two loners realize that trusting each other is their only hope of survival. Because the good guys and the bad guys have one thing in common. They all want Margo Scott dead—the sooner, the better.



*cracks fingers* Here we go!

When Margo Scott wakes up with a month worth of memory wiped from her psyche, she immediately tries to remember what events led to her catatonic state but most importantly, who was she? Was she an innocent bookseller as her bookstore proclaims her to be? Was she some rogue agent her weapons of mass destruction hidden away at her apartment says that she was? Or was she a cold-blooded murderer as the police and FBI claimed that she was?

Jake Wise is an undercover agent ordered to watch Margo by Frank Temple, but when Frank is found murdered, Wise immediately suspects Margo as evidence seems to point to her. At first, he disbelieves her about her sudden bout of amnesia. He felt that she was a murdering ruthless con woman and wanted revenge on Frank’s behalf.

They eventually became allies as they set about to discover the truth walking into a web of lies, betrayal, and deceit together.

Jake Wise’s jokes were sometimes lame and I did not like him that much.

Margo Scott was great but sometimes I just wanted to slap her for no apparent reason.

As for the person behind Margo’s situation, I figured it out before the end and was tempted to turn to the last page to be proven right.

I won’t call this novel a Romantic Suspense. There is no romance between Jake and Margo. They didn’t share an emotional connection and the sexual tension felt a little force between them. They just used each other for meaningless sex.


She looked very Marseilles today. A clingy shirt in black-and-white stripes with a boat neck that showed off her shoulders. She’d wound a red scarf around her throat, and a black beret perched at a jaunty angle on her spiky white hair.

– Chapter 26; Page 127





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