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Book #49: Drawn In Blood

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Writers go a long way to satisfy their readers’ hunger for more.

Andrea Kane went out there, got her research done, came back and wrote Drawn In Blood. I am a sucker for thrillers – be it laced with romance, suspense etc – and when I saw this book at one of my local bookstores, I had to have it.

I don’t intend to give away the entire book, so I’ll make it short as this is my first Sloan and Derek book and this book happens to be part of a series. I liked the characters and the plot, but when do FBI agents get all the time in the world to romp around in the sheets all weekend long? But what do I know, eh? I watch Criminal Minds and even the agents on the show don’t get enough TLC time.

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This story roped me in and I liked it.





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