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Coffee Book Tag! ☕

I am working on new contents for the blog which I’ll be sharing soon. Oh, right, wrong post. 😁That randomness out of the way, I am here with another tag. I have about 4 more tags to go, but we’ll see how that goes before the month comes to an end. I can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about books so when I saw Madame Writer complete this tag a few months ago, I bookmarked it to complete it at a later date. She always has the best tags around! Okay, grab your coffee…

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…and let’s dive in.

Image result for Black CoffeeBlack Coffee: Name a Series That’s Tough to Get Into But Has Diehard Fans 

Haha! This question reminds me of that time when everyone was into Friends and I just couldn’t get into it for I find Rachel to be extremely boring and annoying. I’d rather watch Will & Grace back then… oh, right, this is about books! 😆I’ll have to go with Harry Potter. It’s not that it’s tough to get into I just don’t like magic and demonic spell casting.

Image result for gif don't believe in magic

Image result for Peppermint Mocha CoffeePeppermint Mocha Coffee: Name a Book That Gets More Popular During the Winter of a Festive Time of the Year 

I don’t care for festive books. I’m not big on Christmas, but I’ll have to go with How the Grinch Stole ChristmasWished he could’ve stolen it and kept it forever. >.< I know. I know. What a Dickens thing to say! 😒

Image result for gif how the grinch stole christmas

Image result for Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate: What is Your Favorite Children’s Book

Back then when I didn’t know better it was The Little Mermaid and Aladdin

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Kudos to HirokoChu18 for this GIF!

Heck yes, I shipped them! They would’ve made the most beautiful Disney couple ever simply because interracial is a beautiful thing and there isn’t enough interracial goodness out there! Eh, I know nobody can replace Jasmine but she can have Eric. Had I still cared about Disney, I would’ve definitely written a FanFic featuring Arieladin.

Image result for Double Shot of EspressoDouble Shot of Espresso: Name a Book that Kept You on the Edge of Your Seat from Start to Finish

Most recently it was French Kiss by James Patterson. I’ll be writing a review about the mini Luc Moncrief trilogy soon. It was really good despite being a BookShot.

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Image result for StarbucksStarbucks: Name a Book You See Everywhere

The Holy Bible. 💙It’s so refreshing to see God’s Word in every bookstore I visit. Some stores even have a special display for the Bibles.

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Image result for Coffee Shop parisThat Hipster Coffee Shop: Give a Book by an Indie Author a Shoutout

I haven’t read a lot of Indie books, but I recently read one and that was How Roland Rolls so what’s up Jim Carrey? I recently read the book, liked it, and rated it 3 cups of steaming coffee.

Image result for gif how roland rolls

Image result for DecafOops! I Accidentally Got Decaf: Name a Book You Were Expecting More From

Hmm… you really want to know? I finish read it a few weeks ago and I want to write a review on it, but I am disappointed with how it actually turned out, so I put it aside for to review at a later date when I don’t feel like setting it on fire. None other than When Dimple Met Rishi.

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Image result for Perfect Blend coffeeThe Perfect Blend: Name a Book or Series That Was Both Bitter and Sweet, But Ultimately Satisfying

When was the last time I ever had a perfect blend? I honestly can’t think of one right now and I guess I have to pass. 

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Image result for Green TeaGreen Tea: Name a Book or Series that is Quietly Beautiful

The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon. It tells the story of Lynnie and Homan. They’re in love and tries to run away from the Pennsylvania State School for the Incurable and Feebleminded in 1968. Homan is a deaf African American and Lynnie is a young white woman with a developmental disability. I love how Simon portrays these characters showing that despite the young couple’s disabilities, they have the same human needs as every one of us. Maybe I’ll reread it one day and write a full review for when I read it 5 years ago, I thought it was beautiful. Plus, #yayforinterracialgoodness

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Image result for Chai TeaChai Tea: A Book or Series That Makes You Dream of Far Off Places

The first book that made me wanderlust was Around the World in Eighty Days. I love Jean Passepartout! His surname literally translates to “goes everywhere” in English and in the book he was a well-traveled man. I know Phileas Fogg was the main protagonist, but I never cared for him. 

Image result for gif around the world in eighty days

Image result for Earl GreyEarl Grey: Name Your Favourite Classic

Certainly not Earl Grey tea. Yuck! I adore Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne and of course, the book that started my love for reading, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. I look forward to rereading those books soon! 

Image result for gif the three musketeers

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Behind the lens! 📸

Cake Extravaganza!

The days are flying so fast that sometimes I remember what today is and then sometimes I don’t remember. Anyways, earlier this month (June 06th), the Baking and Pastry Arts students of the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute (TTHTI) was given a Disney theme for their final exam and they brought their A game, but a few cakes stood out for me. 

I’m too lazy to put my signature stamp on the photos, but enjoy:

101 Dalmatians

Tammy took this photo. So credit to my girl. 


Another Tammy photo.

Monsters Inc.


This was one of my utmost faves!

Tammy took this photo as well


Let’s zoom up on some details:

Big Hero 6


Inside Out



My overall fave! 

Photo by Tammy. 

Aren’t they talented? Which one is your favorite?

Entertainment, Thursday Ten

Thursday Ten: Aladdin things

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Since I’m in an Aladdin  mood why not? Here are 10 fun things about the movie:

1. Aladdin changed the animation game forever

The magic carpet is a hybrid of hand-drawn and computer animation. When you think of this, it’s pretty cool! 

Image result for gif magic carpet aladdin

2. Robin Williams changed the genre of voice acting

The Genie was written with Robin Williams in mind. Back then, top-billed actors didn’t do voice-over roles. Williams changed all of that when he took on the role of the Genie.

Image result for gif genie pocahontas

3. Aladdin’s mother was the first draft of the movie.

Hard to believe, but Al’s mother had screen time! They cut her out in favor of Jasmine. I don’t see why they couldn’t write her in. But then again, it’s Disney and young teens are always parentless. 

4. Aladdin is modeled after Tom Cruise

When I first met Aladdin, the first thing I noticed was his smile and I thought he smiled just like my favorite actor! Only to find out (much later) that Aladdin was in fact modeled after TC and I loved Aladdin even more.

Image result for Aladdin tom cruise

It’s in the nose too, LoL!

Image result for Aladdin tom cruise

Aladdin was first based on Michael J. Fox, but Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted the design changed because he thought that Aladdin wouldn’t be a suitable leading man for the ravishing Jasmine. So they watched a bunch of Tom Cruise movies (to nail Al’s sexy confidence) and viola! They had their model! They went for the Cruise confidence aka sexy cockiness to make Aladdin more believable for Jasmine, took his shirt off and made him older (he was supposed to be 13, but they made him 18). At that time, Cruise was dominating the Box Office with hits such as Days of Thunder and A Few Good Men.

Image result for gif tom cruise days of thunder

The animation on the movie had already started when they went back to the drawing board so you can see traces of the old design during ‘Friend Like Me’.

5. Aladdin is probably Disney’s coolest prince

The lead animator for the Aladdin character Glen Keane thought that Snow White and Sleeping Beauty fell for bland princes. This was the first time that a prince was made to be bold, cunning, funny, and lovable. In a sense, Aladdin was meant to do what for Disney princes what Ariel and Belle had done for the princesses. I’ll say job done.

Image result for gif tom cruise aladdin

6. Disney cameos

Sebastian (The Little Mermaid), Beast (Beauty & the Beast), a Goofy hat and the directors themselves made appearances. Genie also dressed in Pocahontas drag while jumping off a plane.

Image result for genie and sebastian gif

7. Aladdin’s pants were inspired by MC Hammer

Yep, you can’t touch this!

Image result for gif aladdin mc hammer

8. Big grosser

Aladdin was the highest-grossing movie of 1992. It was also the first animated movie to gross more than $200 million. When it was first released on VHS, it sold 25 million copies.

9. Princess Jasmine

Jasmine is the first non-Caucasian Disney princess. 

10. Shout-out to Pinocchio?

Whenever Prince Ali (Aladdin) lies, the feather on his hat falls forward. Well, you guys already know the story of Pinocchio’s nose. 🙂

Image result for gif aladdin hat

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