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June plans!


Look! It’s June already! Seems like just yesterday was the beginning of May, a testimony of how fast time is flying. Are we doing what we love right now or are we putting plans and goals in motion?

My plans for June…

^ James Patterson reading marathon! I have this love-hate relationship with JP, but he’s like a drug. Like Depeche Mode once said ‘I just can’t get enough’ and I’m going to use the month of June to read 5 or so selected books. Looking forward to this with glee!

^ Edit, edit, edit!

^ There’s a song challenge I found via Pinterest while looking for challenges to complete. I am thinking of doing this:

Challenge accepted. @Debra Nguyen don't you think Papa will love this? lol:

Who knows whatย gemsย I may or may not stumble upon. I like discovering myself and the challenges is a great serving of help.

^ Support Les Bleus as we prepare for Euro 2016. I’ll be covering the tournament on my football blog and I am super excited for kick-off! ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!

Snapshot: Adil Rami on the plane to Nantes | My Heart Beats Football:

Yass! Rami’s right eyebrow just WINS at life! #Goals

^ Keep writing! Practice makes perfect!

Here’s to June and remember to…

June plans! โ€“ La Petit Muse: