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December 22nd: Interplanet Janet


You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.

Did WordPress run out of exciting prompts? This is plain boring and almost similar to the prompt about having our own day. Or maybe I am just lazy to think right now. Either way, sorry guys, but I’ll be skipping this one.

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December 21st: My number one


Who is the most important person in your life? Describe that person in as great a detail as you can muster and most importantly, tell us why you cherish this person.

That’ll be Jesus Christ. ❤ I cherish Him because He is madly in love with us, is selfless, He died for us, and is the ultimate role model. He had a sense of humor, He intercedes on behalf of us, He gave us the Holy Spirit. He is the only Superhero who can save us. Jesus is my heart.

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December 20th: Forgive and forget?


Share a story where it was very difficult for you to forgive the perpetrator for wronging you, but you did it — you forgave them.

I think I’ll talk about forgiveness instead, so…

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I tend to forgive easily because that is what God wants us to do. And think about this: had God not forgiven us of our sins, where would we have been today?

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When you forgive someone even if they’re not sorry, you let go of bitterness and you feel at peace. 

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When you forgive someone, it means that you won’t bring it up with others behind the person’s back for you no longer hold it against them. It also means that you won’t be bringing it up at every opportune moment with the person. It’s over and done, move on.

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Even our King Jesus Christ had cried forgiveness from the cross. To think that God had not forgiven Jesus’s murderers!

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If you’re holding onto something that is giving you a heartache, let go by forgiving. And remember: There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love.

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Also, remember that forgiveness is free. There is no fee to pay in order to forgive someone.

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Daily prompt catch-up: December 16th-18th


December 16th: By the skin of your flesh

Share a time when you narrowly avoided disaster.

I am trying to think here, but nothing is coming to mind. However, I have an escape plan for such future episode:

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December 17th: You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself.

Lies. I dislike lies. The least favorite personal quality about myself is self-doubt. I tend to doubt and critique my work harshly.

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December 18th: Mad as a hatter

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

I haven’t been angry for years and since this is not a therapy session, I don’t want to go back to the past to recall awful incidents.

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December 14th: Festivus for the rest of us


You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

I wouldn’t want to be the supreme ruler of any universe and I wouldn’t want any holidays named after me for I don’t like being in any spotlights and I don’t like glorifying myself.