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30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 25-30

Day 25: What made your day special?

Any Sabbath spent in church is a special day. ❀

Day 26: Something you could never get tired of doing

Praising and thanking God.Β  β™₯ β™₯

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Day 27: How you envision your life to be

Hmm… let’s just say that now I put my trust and faith in God, I don’t envision my life to be anything, but to be fashioned by His will.

Day 28: What do you want?

At the moment, I just want to curl up in bed and sleep for a month.Β 

even spiderman needs to sleep

Day 29: Family

Image result for gif i love my family

Day 30: Daily routine

I think I covered this with the 365 days challenge that I’m doing, but my daily routine consists of waking up, thanking God, praying, getting ready for work, eating breakfast, reaching to work on time for punctuality is utmost important to me. Do some work, blog, have lunch, take some time to Bible study and write/read something until work comes to an end.Β 

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 19-24

Day 19: What's in your bag

Not much today…Β My Bible study guide, two notebooks, a pencil case, hand sanitizer, a rag, phone charger, loose writing notes, a snack etc.

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Day 20: Five things you're passionate about

* My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is so selfless and is love. Trying to live for Him has its ups and downs and backslidings, but I keep holding onto Him. ❀

* Writing. I have a love/hate relationship with writing, but at the end of the day, I always crawl back and beg to be taken back like the jealous lover that I am.

* Learning/History. I love discovering new things! Life is a learning process and every day there is a lesson to be taught/learned.

Image result for tom cruise on learning

* Books. Reading is important. It helps sharpens your mind and makes you think according to the material that you’re reading. Depending on how much time that I have to read – I try to make time every day – I can read a book in one sitting.Β 

* French culture.Β Being the Francophile that I am, I am always happy whenever I come across French stuff. The French are very riveting.

Day 21: Someone who inspires you

The one, the only,Β Jesus Christ. If not for Him, I don’t know where I’ll be finding the strength to sometimes face the day ahead. ❀

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Day 22: One thing that you've never done that most people have

Rock climbing! I’ll love to try it one day, though.

Image result for gif rock climbing tom cruise

Day 23: Most memorable vacation

It was late last year when I went on a mini local trip. *sighs* I have to do that again soon for I love exploring my country. There are so much history and beauty waiting to be uncovered.

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Day 24: Goals for next month

The only goal that I have in mind for next month is to catch up on writing the twin series that I’ve neglected to do NaNoWriMo.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 14-18

Day 14: Relationship to food

“Don’t feel guilty if you like something.” Matthew Gray Gubler

Day 15: Something that excites you and fill you with joy

The Word of the Lord.

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Day 16: Something that you regret not doing in the last year

I regret nothing.

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Day 17: Someone who broke your heart

My heart is intact and still beating so I guess it was never broken in the first place.Β 

Image result for gif nobody breaks my heart

Day 18: Someone you miss

This same question was asked on the 12th day and I said, my grandpa.

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30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 11-13

Day 11: Something unusual

How the news is suddenly polluted with child molesters and Hollywood slimeballs. We knew all of this a long time ago where it concerns some of the top dropped names, but no one did anything about it and A-listers continued to work with them, but now, every celebrity is coming forward to add their two cents. Everything is perfectly timed in Hellwood and I think that it’s a distraction for the sheep.

Day 12: Someone you miss

My grandfather who passed away two years ago. 😦

Day 13: Someone you've always wanted to meet

Jesus Christ! He’s coming again and I can’t wait to see Him! ❀