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Day 18: What book could you read over and over again?

I probably said this a hundred times by now, but I won’t get tired of saying it: I can read millions of books, but there is only ONE book for me and that is the Holy Bible. The Word of God will always have the top place in my heart when it comes to books for it’s more than a book: it’s living water. 

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Day 17: List your highs and lows of this past year

At this moment, I can’t recall the lows – maybe it’s because I put those things behind me and move on – but one of my highs was spending time with my family and friends for they give me strength when I need it and I thank God for these simple, but beautiful blessings.

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Day 16: What are your views on mainstream music?

What even is mainstream music? It’s just the same song, different lyrics sang by so-call talented artists. So many songs/lyrics have no meaning and most of the time, nearly all music have the same beat.

But today’s society is obsessed and fueled by fame and fortune that they’ll listen to anything that the media tell them is hot.

I rather listen to the birds sing.

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Day 13: Where would you like to live/visit one day?

With this question, I always say the same thing, so I’ll switch it up a bit. I’ll love to visit the Stade de France and watch Les Bleus play a game there, the temple ruins in Karnak, Egypt and magnificent Jökulsárlón!

If I have to live somewhere that is not my country, it’ll be France, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. 

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Day 11: Put your iPod on shuffle. Write down the first 10 songs.

I don’t have an iPod (do these things still exist?), but I can put my phone on shuffle.

1. God and God Alone – Steve Green

2. Peace – Depeche Mode

3. All I Want – Michael W. Smith

4. Pardon – Ridsa

5. Angel – Depeche Mode

6. I Need Thee Every Hour – Fernando Ortega

7. Porto Rico – Ridsa

8. Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

9. Here I Am to Worship – Michael W. Smith

10. Sing to Jesus – Fernando Ortega

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