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Day 30: List your goals for the next 30 days.

I don’t have many goals for the next 30 days, but to keep walking with God, putting in more reading time, writing, keeping up with blogging somewhat, and perhaps getting back to exercising. The Lord knows I need to stop being lazy when it comes to taking care of my physical health.

So we’ve come to the end of this challenge. I was happy to complete it in its entirety and I thank you for joining me. God bless. 💙

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Day 29: List 10 people, living or dead, you would invite to dinner. Include the dinner menu.

This is a wonderful and creative question and I like it very much! But it’s also hard because I can’t invite everyone to dinner. 😟I’ll love to have dinner with my characters, but I think I’ll go with some of my all-time favorite people from history. This might get lengthy for most of them are French, all of them are dead, and all of them are men for I am not easily fascinated by women. Jesus Christ is not a fascination; He is my heart. Here we go:

King Louis XIV – This man revolutionized France, fashion, art, and etiquette. I’ve read about people fainting in his court whenever he entertained. Michael Jackson who? This Louis lasted for 72 years, longer than that of any other known European sovereign, and he happens to be my favorite French monarch… for some reason!

King Solomon – The wisest fool who ever lived. Beautifully flawed (who isn’t, though?), but I love the way he wrote and thought him to be a great writer. Shakespeare who? He spoke 3000 proverbs and wrote 1,005 songs (1 King 4:32) and if he wrote like that, just imagine the poems he wrote for the ladies. 😉

Napoléon Bonaparte – He was shrewd and skillful and he conquered much of Europe during his time. He wrote Josephine passionate love letters while away on military duties – although the power couple broke up after 8 years – and his said last words were: “France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine.” Here’s a nice fun fact: Bonaparte is the 2nd most significant figure in history behind Jesus Christ who is #1 of course! There is no one BIGGER than our King!

Marquis de Lafayette – This Frenchman is the hero of the American Revolution. He was without combat experience and only 19-years-old when he arrived in America. He penned one of history’s most important documents about human and civil rights with the help of Jefferson: the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen.

Alexandre Dumas – Well, I don’t think I have to talk about this man now! I’ve been talking about him since the year kicked off! 😄

Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten – This Pharoah is known as the Heretic King because he tried to shift Egypt’s traditional religion to sun worship elevating god Aten above mere gods. However, I like to joke that he invented Photoshop and I’ll talk about that in another post someday because I’ve talked too much already. 

Tutankhaten/Tutankhamun – Of course I can’t leave out Akhenaten’s son now! As a child, I was fascinated by King Tut and spent time reading/researching about him. He tried to undo his father’s damage, but sadly, he had a short reign. 

Simon Peter – This fisherman was one of the first followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He had several failings, but in the end, he was still chosen to carry out God’s work. He was a natural born leader and outspoken. I love Peter and I’ll devote an entire post to him in the near future.

Alexander the Great – It’s not a dinner without the greatest conqueror who ever lived! He was King of the Four Quarters of the World! He was tutored by the great Aristotle and his influence on Greek and Asian culture inspired the Hellenistic period.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce – He invented photography so Frenchie can take photos of our exciting dinner!

Now, for the menu:

I had fun creating that menu! 😄

Although this was a lengthy post, I enjoyed writing it because I simply love history and I can talk about fascinating people all day. 

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Day 27: Discuss a problem you have or had in the past.

At the moment, I don’t have any problems and what’s in the past stays in the past. The only issue I have is a blogging one. I’ve mentioned it earlier this year (and maybe a dozen times after), but my heart is not fully into it of late, hence why I post here and there. At the moment, I am hanging onto blogging by a thread, but once I let go of it, that’s the end of La Petit Muse. I do enjoy talking/discussing God’s Word and reviews at the moment, so that’s enough to get my blogging going for now.

However, I enjoy reading your blogs so WordPress won’t be rid of me easily. 😉

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Day 23: Post five pictures of celebrities you find attractive

Haha! Right. I’ll do that… with footballers!

Olivier Giroud – Tall, handsome, stylish & French? What’s not to like? Also, bearded. He made me appreciate beards. 😄 I liked Giroud since his early days in France before he won an award for his good looks, so I am delighted with how far he got in his career. 

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Lionel Messi – The Tom Cruise of football! No, seriously, I remember a debate a few years ago in which fans argued about Leo and TC looking alike. I didn’t see it and maybe I needed to squint…

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…but I always thought Leo was cute and today no one argues with that. It’s too bad people have to see beauty in others in order to appreciate them and that’s everything wrong with the world today.

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*shrugging* Same old Leo!

Edinson Cavani – his hair is the dream stuff of commercials! Many people think he’s unattractive because of his face, but I think the opposite. 

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André Gomes – This boy should be on the catwalk instead of on the pitch because he’s got the looks! Not to discredit him as a footballer, I enjoyed watching Gomes grow into confidence this season. 

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Yoann Gourcuff – The first time I saw Yoann Gourcuff he was wearing the colors of the French national team and the first thing that came to mind was, “World’s prettiest footballer!” And then, “Why isn’t he on a catwalk?” But I appreciate Gourcuff as a footballer although, since his broken ankle, he’s not as good as he once was. 

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Although I had to choose five people, I happen to think that everyone is attractive in their own way. I look at people and go, “God certainly did a fantastic job with the human race.” 💙 

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Day 21: What is one of your favorite TV shows and why?

One of? There is only one and that’s Criminal Minds. Why? Let’s just say that if they didn’t have someone call Dr. Spencer Reid, then I wouldn’t have been a fan although I do like the BAU family.

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Speaking of CM, season 13 ended on a sour note for me. If you’re a fan and haven’t watched the season finale as yet, then stop reading right now. As I was saying, the season finale didn’t sit well with me for I just can’t see why CBS should renew a show that should be put to rest already. Putting Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia’s life in the balance without the solid word from CBS about renewal and leaving us with a cold cliffhanger was just cruel. 

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The show had a good run and now it’s time to say good night although I’ll definitely tune in for the first episode of S14 to see what happens to Spence and Garcia.

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