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Legend: long hair, a thieving princess, young love, and a great pair of legs!

Tom Cruise movie #7

Actual Story: Darkness seeks to create eternal night by destroying the last of the unicorns and marrying a fairy princess is opposed by the forest boy Jack and his elven allies. This story was actually taken from Celtic mythology.

Last month, my bestie reminded me that I was doing the 80s movie challenge which was far removed from my mind. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the TC Movie Challenge. Today, I’m about to attack a beloved classic. 

Many people would tell you that they grew up loving this film and it’s their favorite of TC even if they’re not fans of his. I did not grow up with this film so if you love this movie, I don’t care. And I was like TC, too, during this movie, for half the time he didn’t know why he was in a scene. Half the time I didn’t know why the scene was even a scene. 🤷‍♂️

Image result for LEGEND tom cruise GIF

“Am I lost? One thing’s for sure, I’m not in Kansas anymore, Toto!… and why is that girl running towards me?!”

I saw this movie for the first time two years ago and it was nothing special. I made notes so this is going to be a note-taking kind of review.  

^ A princess singing to animals and flowers? Is this the live version of Snow White? Or was it Cinderella? Everyone (I don’t know who EVERYONE is since we’ve never met the King & Queen) expects Princess Lili to marry a prince, but she doesn’t want to for she’s in love with the jungle boy.

^ This is TC’s first role as Jack. He’ll eventually go on to be Jack Reacher (LOVE!) and Jack Harper narrowly missing out on as Jack in Jack & the Beanstalk. So, Lili is in love with this Jack who’s actually the Prince of the Woods who’s actually the offspring of Tarzan and Peter Pan. Jack is friends with a crow and he is quite likable. His princess girlfriend? Eh, not so much. Lili steals from a nice poor old lady and then offers the food to Jack. Isn’t she a princess? Why can’t she take food from the palace to feed the forest vagrant? And of course, it’s a heart-shaped cookie. How much more subtle can one get in proclaiming their love without actually saying those 3 little words? Does it hurt to say them?

Behold, the forest dweller! 

Again, why is a so-call princess allowed to roam freely in the forest alone with no guards at her side?

^ Jack speaks every animal language known to… animal kind (Dr. Doolittle who?), even unicorn.

^ “Let me sing to you,” Lili wants to seduce Jack with her lovely voice after she kisses him and here is that delightful conversation:

Lily: Are you afraid to kiss me, Jack?
Jack: I’m afraid you’ll break my heart.
Lily: Then still your heart. You’re dear to me as life itself. (Proceeds to remove the ring from her finger) Don’t you wish this was our wedding ring?
Jack: If I say yes, would my wish come true?
Lily: I’m a princess. It’s my right to set a challenge for my suitors. 

That little trollop! Why play hard to get when you’re already in love with someone, huh? And that conversation was cringe to the max!

Related image

When Tom has better hair than the leading lady…

^ Moving on, the land is now turned to ice. I can’t remember why because I stopped paying attention, but I think it’s something to do with Lili ignoring Jack Doolittle and talking to the unicorns. How does she even know unicorn language? Oh, right, she’s young, pure and has an innocent heart. The goblin Blix succeeds in cutting the horn off the unicorn thus freezing the entire land (Frozen anyone?) except for Jack, Lili, and some fairy kinda looking folks. I think this is what happened, but if it didn’t happen, I don’t care.

Image result for LEGEND tom cruise GIF

^ Time skip.

^ Time skip.

^ More time skip.

^ There’s someone more powerful than Jack in the forest and he’s a childlike thing name… Gum. No, wait, it’s Gump. Honeythorn Gump. And he throws legendary tantrums! 

Image result for Gump legend gif

^ So, Darkness kidnaps Lili and Jack and his fairy looking friends must get her back and they must also try to get back the horn… to be honest, I stopped following the plot, but here enters Tinkerbell’s cousin, I mean, Oona. This fairy even tries to seduce Jack so she can get a kiss out of him telling him “I could be anything you want me to be, even your heart’s desire.” The Swamp Hag even tries to seduce Jack calling him a “Juicy boy” although to be fair, she was trying to have him for dinner, but the sexual reference was not to be missed. At one point, the old hag acknowledges his youth and tries to kiss him. WHAT? And children watched this? Unbelievable! WHY WAS EVERYONE SEDUCING JACK? HAVE THEY NEVER SEEN AN ATTRACTIVE MALE BEFORE?

Image result for legend oona and jack

Crazy eyes Oona is psycho for Jack, yo! I love when Jack called her desperation ‘fairy glamour’ and that’s about the only thing I love for it was so random!

And once again, Tom is so out of place that sometimes he looks… regretful for taking on the role of Jack. He’s like ‘Who drugged me and what even I am doing here?’

Related image

“Oh, dear! I think I might be lost again! What did they put in my water?” 

^ Darkness is hot for Lili. He wants to tempt her, tame her, make her his. Satan, is that you? Oh, well, I guess it is. Lili doesn’t look the type to be fascinated by material things given her love for Jack and animals, so tempting her with jewels and her stupidly falling for it all of a sudden was not believable.

^ Table dancing! Cue the part where Jack is fighting the bad guys on top of a table and the camera just loves him! It keeps the focus on his thighs, those amazing legs, and his backside. And WHY DOES JACK KEEP FALLING WITH HIS LEGS UP IN THE AIR? Did the creepy director had other motives? I bet he did! It’s Hollywood after all and they’re not always subtle with the sexual messages they’re trying to convey.

^ Finally, Jack takes on Lord Darkness. Light defeats darkness and the light in this one is Jack. Of course. Of course. TC has a megawatt smile that can light up a thousand dark cities after all. Darkness teases him about being a boy, but when he thought he had victory in his red claws, he taunts, “It’s always a pleasure to take a brave man’s life.” But Jack eventually defeats him so take my life too, Jack, for I wouldn’t get the time back I spent watching this rubbish. Please, I beg of you, take it!

Image result for LEGEND tom cruise GIF

^ Tom Cruise screams. He screams just like in The Mummy… I guess Nick Morton is actually Jack all grown up. He escaped the forest and Lili is the mummy who returns to haunt him. I recall saying that prior to The Mummy, I’ve never heard him scream before. It figures that I haven’t seen this rubbish film as yet so I didn’t know what his screams sounded like then.

^ Jack gracefully falls into the water. I think that was TC’s body double.

^ Jack kisses a sleeping cursed Lili Sleeping Beauty style. She wakes up in the forest happy to be with her one true love. And scene. 

Image result for Tom Cruise legend gif

Image result for gif legend jack


I still have no idea why this movie was so popular or why it’s even someone’s favorite film or why it’s referred to as a genius. The movie was dark (actually a dark fairy tale), they were constantly objectifying certain parts of Tom’s body and he wore a tunic without pants. WHY? We get that his legs are killer for he never missed leg day, but would it have killed for wardrobe to get him some pants? Tom was what, 20, 21 or something like that in this film? Mia Sara was only 16. And Tim Curry… ew! *shudders*

I’ve read that they wanted this movie to be even DARKER in which the Darkness lord torments Lili until she loves him and they would’ve had violent relations after. Ewww!

This film was nothing but a sex metaphor pot which over-sexualized Tom’s body… which is creepy in its own way. The horn on the unicorn is a phallic symbol and in medieval mythology, it was said that only a virgin could attract a unicorn and lull it to sleep so hunters could kill it. Lili attracts the male unicorn and Jack scolds her reminding her that it’s forbidden to touch a unicorn. She doesn’t listen and the forest is plunged into winter. 

Lili becomes the bride of Darkness after dancing with a shadow and dancing is a ceremonial symbol of sex hence why Bollywood likes sexy dance numbers in their movies. 😉

And how does Tom’s hair remained glorious throughout? 

DISCLAIMER: Tom Cruise’s killer legs, good looks, talent, and great looking hair have since disavowed any and all associations with this film. They’ve since gone on to star in decent better films and making their owner look good while performing those roles.

Tom does not mention this film on his resume and it’s the film he never talks about whenever his career comes up. 


^ At the time prior to filming, Tom Cruise had a disliking for cutting his hair. When he was cast for the part, his long locks were the perfect look for the forest-dwelling Jack. It is the longest length of Tom’s natural hair captured in a film. Word? I thought his hair was longest in The Last Samurai? I guess it’s safe to say that TC doesn’t like long hair anymore for he got the memo that he looked like a free-spirited LA hippie.

Related image

So much hair! Dude looks like a hippie!

Mia Sara was only sixteen during the filming of Legend. Sara was born in 1967, so she was sixteen in 1984 when production for the film began. But it took a further three years before Legend was finally completed by Ridley Scott, because of the film’s immensely troubled production history.

^ The sound of the unicorns at play is actually a recording of humpback whales. I figured those were whale sounds!

^ Jack’s armor is made from flattened bottle caps.

(Via IMDb)

Would I watch it again?: I rather soak my eyes with bleach.

Image result for tom cruise gif laughing

Memorable Lines: when the credits start rolling.

***All photos and GIFs via Google Search


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Top Gun ✈ 🎶Take my breath awaaaayyyy….🎶

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the Blockbuster of the summer!

Image result for gif warning

The following discussion/rant may contain spoilers due to the writer being unable to hold back excitement or rants. If you have not seen the movie as yet and you plan to, don’t read this. If you plan to see it, but don’t mind spoilers or if you’re just curious about someone’s else’s thoughts other than yours, then by all account, be my guest. 

Image result for gif go on

Let this sink in: it’s been 22 years since Tom Cruise embarked on a mission to save the world as Ethan Hunt. Twenty-two years since I’ve met Ethan Hunt and decided that he’s my favorite action spy. 

And he’s still doing things James Bond could only dream about in his sleep. The latest Mission has been certified fresh…

…but I don’t need Rotten Tomatoes to tell me so. The pulse-pounding engaging action had me leaping off a rooftop and ducking from bad guys… okay, that did that happen… but it happens in my writing! 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is a solid summer blockbuster. When I first watched the movie, I couldn’t decide if to give it 4 or 5 stars. I eventually settled on five and because of that, I’ll be discussing why I give the movie this rating instead of doing a ‘traditional’ review. This post can get lengthy. You’ve been warned. Again. 😒

Ethan Hunt 

Image result for mission impossible fallout gif

Unfortunately, this clip didn’t make the final cut 😢

Ethan gets better with age and experience. He is the heart of the team and a great leader. Tom Cruise IS Ethan and this character should never be recast. I also love the fact that McQ treats Hunt like a human rag doll rather than a superhero. He is human after all and we have to buy into the character which was well written. Hunt makes James Bond look lazy with his incredible running form and work ethic. After all, the best lie Tom ever told is that he’s an actor when he’s actually a real-life spy who uses acting as his cover.

Image result for tom cruise vanessa kirby rotten tomatoes

Christopher McQuarrie is a directing genius!

I feel as if McQ doesn’t get enough props. The first movie I’ve seen of his was Jack Reacher. Where Rohit Shetty doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do with cars besides flipping them, sinking them and blowing them up (Dilwale, Chennai Express etc.), McQ approaches car scenes with action respect. He coordinates car chases spectacularly as in the case of Jack Reacher even though the poor Chevelle takes a crucial blow. RIP.

What I also love about McQ, he doesn’t use any fancy sounds/songs to strangle the action scene, something I’ll talk about when I reach the bathroom fight. He served as a director on Rogue Nation and Tom brought him back to do Fallout. McQ has topped himself and I wish Tom could work with him for the rest of his action life. What am I talking about? I don’t want to see Ethan Hunt in a wheelchair! 😁McQ knows how to craft spectacles and I take my hat off to him. I’ll love for him to direct one of my screenplays… well if I wrote any. 

The stunts 

TC is going to die while performing one of those crazy stunts one day, but he’ll go out doing what he loves for I bet he’ll find a way for the writers to write his death into the movie. Anyways, if you were to look up the word ‘stunt’ in the dictionary, you’ll probably see Tom Cruise as the definition. While it’s admirable that at 56, he still wants to do his own stunts, ain’t nothing wrong with the green screen sometimes. 

I enjoyed the stunts, though. There was a car chase in Paris and going the wrong way on a motorcycle in Arc de Triomphe. A helicopter chase was shot in New Zealand, the HALO (high altitude low opening) jump sequence in Abu Dubai and the fight scene on Pulpit Rock in Norway. Watching TC dangle from a helicopter over dizzying landscapes was gasp-worthy. 

Yeah, he plane crazy!
GIF via Skydance

The action

Thrilling! The action was thrilling from start to end. It’s probably the best action movie of the century. The action in this film was kicked up a notch because McQ and TC had to top Rogue Nation. There’s a tunnel shootout, bike runs, car chases, running, cliff climbing, and helicopter parachuting. There’s a sequence where the camera rolls with TC for a few seconds in an uninterrupted sprint across a rooftop in London and I was sitting there randomly thinking, ‘Bolt was lucky to not have to compete with that!’ 

BMW rules!

Two BMWs make appearances in this film. At the beginning of the film, the sleek and classy brand-new BMW M5 makes her cinematic debut and it was gorgeous eye candy for a few minutes. 

However, the real star of the film was a classic 1986 E28 BMW 5 Series which Ethan Hunt bashed! I mean, he went in on that car. A funeral was promptly held after the drifting scene.

Image result for 1986 E28 BMW 5 Series fallout

He even smashed a BMW motorcycle in the Parisian streets.

Related image

*shrugging* Sue me. I like seeing things get damaged… fictionally speaking of course!

That bathroom fight scene!

I talked about this epic fight scene in a post last month, but I’ll touch on it again. The fight looks realistic despite Liang Yang tearing a drain pipe from the wall as if he’s Hulk. I love that Hunt doesn’t beat everyone in the room singlehandedly and walks out unscathed, but he gets blows and lands blows. Even August Walker gets his butt kicked. The fight choreography was well done right down to Hunt’s keysi moves and reaction timing. The fact that there is no music makes it even better for the realism and grittiness simply shines through. Hollywood (and Bollywood), take note for THIS is how you do a fight scene.

August Walker 

I love the name, but I like Henry Cavill better when he isn’t speaking. I get why women like him: he’s tall, dark, brooding and good-looking, but thankfully, the man is not my cup of tea and I can watch movies with my eyes open. I’ll rather watch TC watch paint dry anyway. 

Image result for gif mission impossible fallout

Walker is an assassin who is put in charge of babysitting Hunt if he ever tries to go rogue again. This is a spoiler, but when Hunt was telling Walker how to catch John Lark and Hunt aims the masked gadget at Walker’s face, it foreshadows that Walker and Lark are one person. I like the character, but I feel as if Cavill didn’t do Walker much justice. He’s wooden but shares good chemistry with TC. It gave me immense pleasure when Walker met his demise in the end.

Men in suits


White Widow and Ethan 

Image result for gif mission impossible fallout

Vanessa Kirby as Alanna Mitsopolis aka White Widow the daughter of Max from the first MI was my favorite female (shockingly!) and I would’ve love to see more of her. She is a lover of paradoxes and there is a playful chemistry between her and Ethan. 

Image result for tom cruise vanessa kirby fallout

I guess if Hunt wasn’t already spoken for, there might have been some sort of ‘relationship’ between these two characters for they look good together. 

Image result for tom cruise and vanessa kirby

Ilsa Faust and Ethan

Their relationship is complex, but they care about each other. Ilsa has Hunt’s best interest at heart and she’s sort of protective of him. Although he doesn’t need her protectiveness, her hovering is kind of cute.

Image result for tom cruise angela bassett

They’re endgame after all and although many fans complain that they’re yet to kiss, I don’t have any problem at all. Their tenderness for each other is beautiful enough. 

Ilsa Faust — rebeccalouisaferguson: Tom Cruise and Rebecca...

The 3 Musketeers! 

Image result for gif ethan hunt fallout

And everyone else…

The cast gelled great and Tom Cruise seem to have some sort of chemistry with everyone. The women (White Widow and Ilsa Faust) are not sexualized like the Bond films even when the camera is on them. They’re capable and independent and they’re not in need of rescuing. Luther (Ving Rhames), Benji (Simon Pegg) and Erica Sloane (Angela Bassett) were also given their moments to shine regardless of their time on screen. I was particularly happy to see a chapter close for Hunt’s ex-wife Julia (Michelle Monaghan). Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) was scary good and Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) might have made his last appearance as the IMF Secretary. 

The supporting cast was great and I love how McQ layers a character.

Image result for tom cruise angela bassett

The Ending

When the credits start rolling, I realized that Fallout actually closes out a chapter in the series leaving room for a new story altogether. The storytelling started with Rogue Nation all thanks to McQ. It also closes the storyline of Ethan Hunt being a one-man show for he now has someone by his side to bear the burden with him. This brings us to the 7th MI which Tom says is going to be in the works and has asked McQ to direct. If McQ does direct the 7th MI, it’ll be a trilogy of sorts for him. He breathed new life into a 22-year-old franchize in which the main character is still Tom Cruise. I have no idea what they’ll do for 7th one, but I think they should come film in the Caribbean. You know? Change up the scenery a little bit? Trinidad has a lot to offer. 😁Or maybe they can head to space. Now that’s going to be an impossible mission for sure!

Thoughts aside, while it’s refreshing to see that TC refuses to stereotype himself as a ‘grandpa’ actor (taking on certain roles because his boyish charms are long gone), I refuse to see Hunt in a wheelchair. 


The lighting and the atmosphere in the movie is just gorgeous! The movie was like a dose of human love towards humanity. It was relentlessly entertaining, the plot was solid, and it’s the only franchise I’ve seen get better with every film. Everything was well done from the directing, writing, music score, and cinematography. This film was made for fans and not to appease Hollywood elitists. There were several scenes that were shown in the trailer that didn’t make it into the final cut, but the movie turned out well and the shots of Paris was magnifique! 


^ Tom Cruise trained for an entire year to perform the HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) stunt in this film.

^ Solomon Lane is the first villain in the franchise to appear in two films.

^ At 2 hours and 27 minutes, this is the longest “Mission: Impossible” film to date. Still wasn’t long enough for some people (including my sister and friend) who didn’t want it to end. 

^ Christopher McQuarrie was the first director in the franchise to direct more than one film.

^ The bathroom fight was meant to be shot in 4 days but due to the complexity of the fight, it ends up being shot over 4 weeks. Best. Fight. Ever!

Image result for gif mission impossible fallout

^ This was the first “Mission: Impossible” film to be released in 3-D.

^ Tom Cruise did all stunts by himself. Props.

^ The building Tom Cruise was jumping across when he broke his ankle is Baynard House, near Blackfriars, in London. It is a building owned by BT and used as offices, meeting rooms, a car park, data routing centre and telephone exchange.

^ The helicopter which Ethan Hunt pilot is an H125 which was manufactured by Toulouse-based company Airbus. Ayy, France! 

^ Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames are the only actors to appear in all six “Mission: Impossible” films.

Image result for Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames

Image result for Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames

(Via IMDb)

Would I watch it again?: Already did.

Memorable Lines:

Solomon Lane: There cannot be peace without first a great suffering. The greater the suffering, the greater the peace. The end you’ve always feared… is coming.


Delivery Man: Fate whispers to the warrior.
Ethan Hunt: There’s a storm coming.
Delivery Man: And the warrior whispers back.
Ethan Hunt: I am the storm.

Image result for gif mission impossible fallout

***All photos and GIFs via Google Search

If you’ve read the entirety of this discussion, thank you, or simply skip and came to the end of this, I have a question for you: Did you enjoy Fallout as much as I did? 

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All the Right Moves: a touchdown for the realism!

Tom Cruise movie #6

Actual Story: A high school football player desperate for a scholarship and his headstrong coach clash in a dying Pennsylvania steel town.

So in 1983, we saw Tom Cruise as a gang member who ran off to Mexico and turned his parents home into a brothel (That’s actually my last 3 movie reviews in a summary!). And now, we get to see him as a high school football player! I love the poster because it actually tells a story. The steel town in the back of the football player looks like it’s dying and it’ll be doomed for young people who want to actually pursue a career; they’ll have to get out. And in the front of the doomed dying town, there’s hope in the form of a high school football player who’s willing to make all the right moves so he can get out of town and move on to bigger and brighter things. 

And that’s this movie in a nutshell. 

Image result for All the Right Moves gif

First thing’s first: Tom Cruise plays Stefan Djordjevic, a Serbian-American who is the star player of his high school football team, but I guess he left the accent back in Serbia! Stefan doesn’t want to end up like the men in his family – grandfather, dad & brother – working at the steel mill. He actually has a bright future map out for himself: he wants to get out of town and do engineering. This was also the story of Shah Rukh Khan’s life in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. 😂

Anyway, while watching this film, the Stefan character reminded me so much of Lionel Messi. I was not watching TC; I was watching an actual soccer player full of passion willing to play for Ampipe Bulldogs. 

This film was TC’s first dramatic lead and I thought he did a fantastic job. This is not another typical high school movie. It touches on issues such as education, poverty, and economic status. Stefan is constantly fighting the idea of working in the mill for the rest of his life if he doesn’t make the right choice and leave the town. In the end, Stefan gets a full college scholarship. The realism in this movie was well done. 

Image result for All the Right Moves

I thought TC and the girl was cute together, but sue me, I didn’t get her name for I didn’t watch the movie for her. They should’ve gotten married, have kids, and call it a day. 

Image result for All the Right Moves

And here’s a nice fun fact: TC was athletic during high school in which saw him participate in sports such as wrestling, soccer, and football. He was injured during a wrestling match and had to miss some time which led him to try out for drama class and the rest, as they say, is history.

Image result for tom cruise high school


^ The director wanted Lea Thompson (oh, that’s her name!) and Tom Cruise to go undercover to remember what high school was like. They went to separate schools, and while Cruise was spotted after just one day because someone recognized him from Taps (1981), Thompson went four days, was asked out by many guys and got caught smoking.

^ The uniforms and team colors used in the film were from Ferndale Area High School, a small high school in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where the film was made.

^ Tom Cruise’s character has been said to be inspired by real-life Pennsylvania coach Donald A. Yannessa, as well as two members of his team.

^ The movie was shot on location during the WPIAL (Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League) American football season.

^ The film’s title “All the Right Moves” is a double entendre referring to both human decision making and match play.

(Via IMDb)

Would I watch it again?:

Image result for tom cruise gif laughing

Memorable Lines: “We didn’t quit, you quit!” Stefen

Image result for All the Right Moves gif

***All photos and GIFs via Google Search


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Risky Business aka Don’t ever leave Tom Cruise home alone!

Tom Cruise movie #5

Actual Story: A Chicago teenager is looking for fun at home while his parents are away, but the situation quickly gets out of hand. 

Okay, so this was the movie that kind of shot TC to the stars and beyond and I’ve never seen it… until now. Whenever someone asked me how this film was and I tell them that I’ve never watched it, they gave me judgemental looks. Haha! Plus, I dislike 80s films as I’ve previously stated.

Image result for gif tom cruise

FUN FACT: Ray-Ban was a dying brand. Then Risky Business came out, Cruise wore these shades and Ray-Ban was back in business when sales shot up to 50%. Then he wore Ray-Ban in Top Gun and sales went up again. Ray-Ban should pay him to wear Wayfarers given that they were about to discontinue it until TC wore them. 👏

This movie is the original Home Alone! No, seriously, this was Home Alone (for horny teenage boys) before there was Kevin (for kids under 13). The difference? Joel Goodson‘s (played by TC and see what they did there with his movie surname? He is always the good boy as I said in my review for Losin’ It. Who’s a good boy? Tom Cruise is) wealthy parents leave him home alone in their huge Chicago home to go on a trip. 

Image result for risky business tom cruise home

This is the beautiful house Joel Goodson gets to live in. He certainly wasn’t a
son when left home alone!

And what did Joel do on the very first night his parents trust him with the house? He tries to eat a frozen dinner (literally) and danced to “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger (if interested, see video below for both activities). This scene is perhaps the most iconic home alone dance scene of all time and my favorite part of the entire movie for it reminded me of those good old times when my parents would leave me home alone and I’ll put some music on and dance around the house. 

I also noticed that TC’s got a great pair of legs and now I see why they’ve been sexualizing his legs for years. Seriously, his legs are the stuff director’s dreams are made of! And Hollywood would sexualize the best part of an actor’s body although I think Tom’s smile is his best asset. 

Image result for gif tom cruise

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything else about the movie because I did not finish it and I don’t intend to. There shouldn’t have been a rating, but I’m not going to edit that card. I don’t know what the big whoop about this movie was anyway. And man! TC can’t take a heckling! He gets mad so fast (inside the first few minutes I watched) and I’ve noticed this trait about him in movies I’ve watched over the years. I bet that’s how he is in real life. When someone makes him mad, he sends said person to the dungeon… well, providing that he has one. 

Image result for gif tom cruise

This was the 3rd film from 1983. I have one more film from 1983 and I hope I can sit through that one for this one was not my tall cup of latte. Maybe the big whoop was TC dating his co-star stripper offset:

Image result for tom cruise rebecca mornayImage result for tom cruise rebecca mornay

Ah, yes, the good old days when TC liked women a little bit older than him. Look at how disciplined he looks! Who’s a good boy? TC is!


^ The film was originally called “White Boys off the Lake”. 🤣🤣

^ In an effort for Tom Cruise to look more “teenage” in appearance, the producers put him through an unusual bit of physical training. Cruise worked out seven days a week, in order to lose ten pounds. Once that had been accomplished, he immediately ceased working out and ate extremely fatty foods in order to add a layer of baby fat. This is how he achieved that “fresh-faced” teenage look. *GASPS* The horror of Tom gaining some baby fat! He was 20 years old trying to pass off as a teen when they could’ve just hired an actual teen… though, in TC’s defense, he did look like a teen boy in his early 20s. 

^ The dance scene where Joel dances to “Old Time Rock N’ Roll” was completely improvised. In the script, Tom Cruise was simply instructed to “dance to rock music”. Did he improvise everything else, too?

^ Childhood photographs of Tom Cruise can be seen in the living room.

Image result for Childhood photographs of Tom Cruise risky business

This was one of the actual photos on the wall. Cute baby.

^ Brian Backer was cast as Joel Goodsen but was replaced by Tom Cruise after Cruise auditioned and impressed the filmmakers. Of course. Of course. He breathes to impress. 

(Via IMDb)

Would I watch it again?:

Image result for tom cruise gif laughing

Image result for tom cruise gif laughing

Memorable Lines: “Porsche. There is no substitute.” Joel Goodson

***All photos and GIF via Google Search


Image result for gif its friday tom cruise

Um, All The Right Moves. I think this is another high school movie in which we get to see Tom act as a teenage Polish or Serbian student. I’m trying to imagine the accent…

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Losin’ It and Blockers: They call these movies?

Tom Cruise movie #4

Actual Story: Set in 1965, four rowdy teenage guys travel to Tijuana, Mexico for a night of partying when they are joined by a heartbroken housewife who is in town seeking a quick divorce.

I can’t remember when was the last time I sugar coated anything and I don’t intend to start now. What we have here is a tiresome and unoriginal film. It’s a mess and it does not work at all and maybe it was intended to be that way, for 80s movies did not make a lot of sense. They didn’t have to for Hollywood wants the audience to be asleep while watching the film as they focus on the hot guy or the pretty girl instead of the plot and why most of the movies never make sense! 

Image result for tom cruise losin it

This was just another one of those stupid teen movies stuffed with all the ridiculous clichés known to writers. What we actually have here is 3 horny teenagers (yes, you’ve all seen THAT movie at some point, don’t lie) who head to Tijuana to lose their virginity. Add a wife looking for a divorce in the mix and a young boy looking to buy fireworks and you have a mess of stupid, unlikable characters. Tom’s character Woody was the only likable one, but not even he could’ve saved this film for I thought he was a little bit awkward around the ditzy wife’s character. Not that I blame him, the woman was looney.

These Tom Cruise movies were rated the worst of his career: Are you a fan of any?

Woody is Goody Two Shoes. During a scene in which the teens went to a grocery store and ended up stealing goods while the couple was arguing, Woody left money to cover for his friends’ thievery. The woman ends up running off with the boys to Tijuana to get a quick divorce. Miss Long reminded me of Lisa Kudrow in mannerisms and robotic ways.  

Also, the cinematography was something quite awful!

On the topic of teen sex comedy, it’s 2018 and the roles are reversed: girls are now trying to act like boys. They’re wearing the pants, laying down the rules and making passes at the boys. Yay, feminism. We have three girls trying to desperately lose their virginity on prom night for apparently, this is the night that teens become adults according to this recently released movie: 

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The trailer was recommended by YouTube and when I saw it, I was like, “Yes! This is just what the world needs, Hollywood! Teenage girls defying their parents and going all out to lose their virginity to any boy who’ll have them.” Critics are calling this a winning teen sex comedy. Critics are saying the kids are all right while the parents are dope. And who is responsible for this stunning take my breath away original masterpiece? This 43-year-old woman:

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This woman Kay Cannon served as a producer and screenwriter on Pitch Perfect and 30 Rock (stuff I don’t intend to see) and she gets an opportunity to direct and this is what she chose? These are the films that critics will hype up for the masses to direct their focus away on what’s right. Rotten Tomatoes will be giving this film an 85% or higher score. Because this is what the world needs right now: teenage debauchery, immorality, disrespectfulness, parents who don’t know how to parent, John Cena aka the new Dwayne Johnson, and booze. Who’s allowing these bad movies to leave the studio?

Movies such as these are what’s wrong with the youths of the world today for kids want to act like what they see in the cinema. They think it’s cool to disrespect parents and take the Lord’s Name in vain. How can movies like this be empowering to youths? 

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Anyway, I hope parents are being vigilant when it comes to their children. 

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^ The film was shot partly in Calexico, California, and on one occasion the cast partied at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard. Tom Cruise was dancing with an Asian girl when her boyfriend noticed and slipped on a pair of brass knuckles. This was noticed by one of the leads, and they hurried Cruise out of the club, jokingly later saying they saved his beautiful molars.

^ The make, model, and color of the car in which the guys cruise to Tijuana, Mexico, was a light-red 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible. In 1965, the year in which this film was set, the car was a fairly common one to see and could be bought for a fairly reasonable price. Nowadays, a restored car of that type could bring more than 100,000 dollars.

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^ Though the movie was largely set in Tijuana, Mexico, none of the film was actually shot there. Doubling for Tijuana was the town of Calexico, California.

^ Three of the actors in this film – Tom Cruise, John Stockwell, and Rick Rossovich – also appeared together in the movie Top Gun (1986).

(Via IMDb)

Would I watch it again?:

Image result for gif tom cruise yes

Memorable Lines: when the credits start rolling.

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Risky Business… 😒 On another note, French Friday will be back next week be it the will of my Lord. I have no excuse as to why I didn’t post last week and now today; I just didn’t learn any French. Yes, time was on my side, but I didn’t feel like learning anything new. Most likely, I’ll be focusing on reviews this month.

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The Outsiders: Tom Cruise was in it for the chocolate cake!

Tom Cruise movie #3

Genre: Drama
Release date: March 25, 1983
Running time: 114 minutes
Director: Francis Ford Coppola

STORY: The rivalry between two gangs, the poor Greasers, and the rich Socs, only heats up when one gang member kills a member of the other.

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Only number 3? This is what happens when you’re doing a challenge for *counts on fingers & shrugs* about 8 months. At the time I took on this challenge it was due to the fact that I had not seen all of Tom of Cruise’s films and I was excited to do it and get it over with, but I change all the time and I’ve lost interest in movies over those months. Also, I dislike 80s movies. Anyway, this review is most likely going to be short.

I had a choice to watch the movie or read the book. I chose the movie – a no-brainer why – and I won’t be reading the book despite the fact that many readers say that it’s a treasure. The movie almost put me to sleep. Yep, that’s right. I almost did not pay any attention to the film so I don’t know who was who in The Greasers except that TC was Steve Randle, a secondary character.

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He yelled a lot whenever he got screen time, but I wonder, what’s so special about this move other than Cruise eating chocolate cake? That’s the only thing I took away. Steve eating cake and making a mess out of it.

Image result for tom cruise chocolate cake

You cannot handle the Randle!

Steve likes chocolate cake for breakfast too. There’s this particular scene near the end (I think) when Steve and another boy walks into their friend’s house to share the good news of three of the so-call delinquent being heroes.

That wore off fast when Steve saw the chocolate cake:

The outsiders | Tumblr

Might as well be talking to the cake (although he was addressing Rob Lowe’s character), but isn’t it ironic that he’s standing in front of the ‘universe’ when he says this? The cake is his universe. 🤣

There could be a killer cockroach (or a killer clown) on the loose and while everyone around him is panicking, Steve stops the world to eat cake without a care:

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He yells how great chocolate cake is to the world and how it satisfies even the best of hangriness (hunger+anger) and how he’ll most likely become an ambassador for chocolate cake.

Image result for gif tom cruise sleeping

Well, not really, but that would’ve been funny if he did.

And when he’s not having a love affair with the chocolate cake, he’s doing backflips off car hoods. Seems like the boy was already practicing for his future role as stuntman/Ethan Hunt.

Image result for Steve Randle

Idiot. 🙄

So that’s basically what I took away from the movie. I remember Tom looking back and talking about this specific role a sometime ago while promoting a Mission film (I could be wrong, but I don’t have to be right) and if my memory recalls the interview, he said he had to do the chocolate cake scene a few times and he actually ate too much chocolate cake that day, not that he was complaining, for he was in for the cake from the beginning.

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If there were tears in my eyes they were from relief knowing that the movie was finally over for I couldn’t feel sympathy for any of the characters. Oh, wait, there’s one more thing! The Sheriff guy looked a lot like Michael Jackson in “Ghost” so I’m guessing MJ watched this film and based his appearance somewhat on him. 

Image result for Gailard Sartain the outsiders

Image result for Michael Jackson ghost mayor gif

MJ as the Mayor

Joking! But they do look alike.

And the rumble was a waste of space, but can we take a moment to appreciate TC’s face here?: 

Image result for Steve Randle

How in the loving name of Hollywood, does his hair stay so perfectly well greased during a fight? Don’t bother, I think the rain was falling during the rumble. See! I told you I was not paying attention to this movie!

If some of you have watched this movie and think that I am neglecting to comment on TC’s teeth, sue me. In order to make the fight scene more realistic, this committed idiot had a cap in his tooth removed so one can see how much damage was done to him. 

I might have insulted an iconic movie, but eh, I don’t care, I only watched for Tom anyway when I could’ve saved my time and just watched this video had I known it existed!:


^ Francis Ford Coppola wanted Matt Dillon to spend a night in jail to “understand” the character of Dallas Winston a bit better. Dillon refused, saying, “No way, Francis, how about you go spend a night in jail?”

^ During filming, Tom Cruise had gotten his script for Risky Business (1983).

^ Tom Cruise auditioned for the roles of Sodapop Curtis, Darrel Curtis, Randy Anderson and Dally Winston before being cast as Steve Randle.

^ In the scene where Dally threatens the nurse in the hospital with Two-Bit’s knife, the nurse is played by S.E. Hinton, author of “The Outsiders” novel. She wrote the original story when she was 15 years old, and finished it when she was 16.

Image result for S.E. Hinton the outsiders

^ Out of the main cast, all the kids were in their late teens, with the exceptions being Patrick Swayze, who was 29 years old, and Ralph Macchio, who was 22 years old.

^ Writer of the original novel S.E. Hinton was a part of every aspect of filming. She has stated in several interviews how much she loved the boys that were cast to make up her gang of greasers. Since almost all of them were teenagers and away from home with no adult supervision, she claims that she became a mother figure for them on and offset, and fondly remembers them calling her “Mom.”

Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze did their own gymnastics stunts in the scene leading up to the rumble.

^ Emilio Estevez and Tom Cruise were childhood friends before the film and showed up to the audition together. Both received starring roles.

(Via IMDb)


Plot/Storyline: 3/5

Running?: Yes…

Plane?: No

Bike?: No

Would I watch again: Even if you give me chocolate cake, I am not going to sit down and watch this movie from beginning to end. 

Memorable Lines:

Steve Randall saying, “What’s it like being a hero, huh?” I bet Tom Cruise hasn’t asked that question to anyone since. 😉

VERDICT Gavel-clipart-clipart-kid


***All GIFs and photos via Google Search


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Losin’ It… so not looking forward to another rubbish 80’s movie. I know it’s rubbish just by the title alone. Losing it. He sure lost his marbles over the years. 🙄

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TAPS: “It’s beautiful man!”

Tom Cruise movie #2

Genre: Drama
Release date: December 18, 1981
Running time: 126 minutes

STORY: An announcement that the venerable Bunker Hill Military Academy, a 141-year-old institute, is to be torn down and replaced with condos sets off the young cadets led by their stodgy commander. Under the command of a student cadet major, the cadets seize the campus, refuse entry of the construction crews and ultimately confront the real military.

Image result for taps movie poster

Man! I’m moving snail-likely with this challenge. Might as well throw my hands up and admit defeat. 😛

The movie is based on Father Sky by Devrey  Freeman and featured a young Tom Cruise before he was well, Tom Cruise, as Cadet Captain David Shawn and boy, did TC look good in that uniform! I think TC is that ONE actor who can pull off any uniform. He looked fantabulous and I enjoyed watching his every movement in this film. He made his entrance from the 6th minute.

Honor, integrity, discipline. These principles are taught by the Bunker Hill Military Academy, but when the cadets seize the campus, these principles are soon forgotten.

The film begins with Bunker Hill Military Academy concluding another successful school year. Retired Brigadier General Harlan Bache (George C. Scott) meets in private with Cadet Brian Moreland (Timothy Hutton) promoting Moreland to Cadet Major. Moreland is congratulated by his best friend Cadet Captain Alex Dwyer (Sean Penn), shortly followed by his other friends, Cadet Lieutenant Edward West (Evan Handler) and Red Beret Cadet Captain David Shawn (Tom Cruise), who staged a hallway celebration for the newly promoted Cadet Major.

During the parade, General Bache announces that Bunker Hill’s board of trustees is selling the school to real estate developers. This announcement does not sit well with the school and although the General confirms that the school will remain open for one more year, he is hopeful that the school can be saved.

“We have a year. Entire wars have been won in less time.”
General Bache

That evening, there is a ball to honor the graduates, but this festive night gets disrupted when some local troublesome teenagers harass the cadets. A scuffle takes place between them and the cadets, and General Bache tries to break up the fight. In the heat of the scuffle, one of the rowdy teens seizes the General’s service pistol and the weapon accidentally discharged, killing the leader of the disruptive gang. After the accidental shooting, a series of unfortunate events follow:

^ Bache is arrested for manslaughter (this triggers a heart attack for the General and he is taken to the hospital in critical condition)

^ The board of trustees closes Bunker Hill immediately.

^ All weapons are confiscated.

^ The cadets retaliate by starting a coup. Well, not actually, but they fight back in their own way.

“The right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution, sir.”
Cadet Moreland

Under Major Moreland’s command, the cadets take control of Bunker Hill. Moreland wants 3 demands met including a meeting with General Bache. Cadets are sent out to get food to restock Bunker Hill’s provisions. On the way back, the deuce that Cadet Captain J.C. Pierce (Giancarlo Esposito) is driving breaks down and Dwyer get out to fix the engine. Some townies notice the cadet and attempt to seek vengeance for the death of their friend. They scuffle with Dwyer and Pierce who had climbed down from the deuce to defuse the situation. Upon seeing that the situation was only going to get worse, Shawn rushes out of his deuce and blasts a mag into the air from his M16 scaring them off.

The cadets abandon their stalled deuce fleeing the scene in Shawn’s deuce. Shawn rams the sheriff’s car that was blocking their path causing Dwyer to get mad (Ungrateful prat!). Dwyer complaints to Moreland calling Shawn a maniac, but Moreland refuses to buy it and commends Shawn instead, who proudly declares that he saw his duty and did it. It was actually one of Tom Cruise’s finest moments in the film. I replayed it a couple of times.

The police soon surround Bunker Hill’s campus standing off with the determined cadets. A few parents eventually meet with Moreland including Moreland’s father, Master Sergeant Kevin Moreland (Wayne Tippit). The parents accuse Moreland of holding their children against their will which the Cadet Major immediately deny.

“Lady, if my son can be involved then your son can be involved in it. Let’s not get holier than that.”
Kevin Moreland

The meeting doesn’t go over well between the Morelands and to prove to the parents and police that no one is being held against their will, Moreland assembles the cadets and offers them a chance to leave. Every single one chooses to stay. Colonel Kerby (Ronny Cox) arrives on the scene to negotiate with Moreland, who refuses to budge. The next morning, Moreland discovers that eleven cadets had fled the campus during the night. Once again, he calls for assembly and offers the opportunity to leave rather than desert. This time, Lieutenant West and a great number of cadets lay down their weapons. When one of Shawn’s own was walking away, Shawn sternly demanded: “Take off that beret.”

The operation was a lost cause from the beginning and I think Moreland lost the plot when he took over the campus.

“They want us to be good little boys now so we can fight some war for them in the future.”

Shortly after the cadets walk out, the water supply is cut. Tension is ripe once again when Dwyer makes fun of Shawn, who calmly holds his own like a true cadet, not giving Dwyer the pleasure of retaliating. However, when Dwyer calls Moreland queer, the two friends start a fist fight. Moreland was winning when the electricity goes out. More tragedy follows when Cadet Pierce is burned while helping to restart the gasoline-powered generator. Following this incident, Colonel Kerby tries to make Moreland see reason. Moreland will only stand down if he is taken to see General Bache and the General gives the order himself.

Then Kerby drops a bombshell: the General died the night before.

The cadets take this revelation hard and hold a military service in the General’s honor. The night after, two young cadets, Derek and Charlie, whom Moreland had taken a brotherly liking for, are on sentry duty when an M60 Patton tank approaches the main gate. Derek panics and rushes to surrender. Charlie rushes to stop his friend who drops his rifle which goes off as it hits the ground. The guards outside the gate panic and opens fire killing Charlie instantly.

Seeing that Charlie’s death had an effect on Moreland, Kerby gives an ultimatum: the cadets must surrender before he takes the campus at dawn. Dwyer tries to persuade Moreland to give it up at dawn. There was nothing else to fight for.

“Declare a victory. Let’s say we won the war, let’s go home.”

The next morning, Dwyer and Moreland orders the cadets to stand down. Everyone complies except Shawn, who snaps and fires at Colonel Kerby from the barracks. Upon seeing this, Dwyer and Moreland rush inside to stop Shawn, who grins like a maniac and shouts:

“It’s beautiful, man! It’s beautiful!”

Moreland bravely – or stupidly – tries to get Shawn away from the M60 MG. Both he and Shawn are gunned down in the process. The film ends with a weeping Dwyer carrying his best friend’s body out of the barracks followed by a montage of film footage during happy days at Bunker Hill.


^ Tom Cruise was originally going to play a background character, but the director was so impressed by the way Cruise conducted himself as one of the military cadets during rehearsals that he was offered the part of David Shawn.

^ This was Sean Penn’s first feature film.

^ The Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana rejected filming at their campus when they learned of the film’s ending.

^ This was only Tom Cruise’s second film, appearing in it at the age of nineteen, playing Cadet Captain David Shawn. Cruise received fifth billing in the casting list.

(Via IMDb)

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Plot/Storyline: 3/5

Running?: Yes… 

Plane?: No

Bike?: No

Would I watch again: I think I had my fill. 

Memorable Lines:

My overall favorite line is where Shawn screams, “It’s beautiful, man! It’s beautiful!”

VERDICT Gavel-clipart-clipart-kid

There were holes in the plot, but the characters worked well. Tom Cruise and Sean Penn’s characters had some very strong and aggressive hatred going on for each other.

I think Dwyer had a crush on Shawn, who had a thing for Brian, who had a thing back for him, the reason Dwyer probably disliked/envied Shawn, who looked at Brian with awe every moment he got. Shawn was also very loyal to the Major until the end where he snapped. Come on, work with me here. See my reason. It was a boys’ school after all. Anyway, that is just my theory. I look at films inside-out and sometimes it can get the best of me.

Tom Cruise as David Shawn paved the way for future roles in Collateral and Jack Reacher.


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The Outsiders