Five Islands Amusement Park

My contribution for Photo Challenge Wednesday is not much, but the Five Islands Amusement Park is opened across from where I work! 

It is so named because one can see the amazing view of the five islands! 


Photo Challenge Wednesday: Cake Extravaganza!


Our wonderful Baking and Pastry Arts students here at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute (TTHTI) was given a Disney theme for their final exam and they brought their A game, but two cakes stood out for me. 


This Cinderella take was outstanding! It was love at first sight. It was done by Hafsa.


My overall favorite! This is Jonathan Lee and his cake was well-structured and very neat. The details were fantastic! He is also a very well-mannered outgoing individual. This photo was taken by my co-worker Corrine. Thanks Corrine for letting me use it on my blog given that I was lazy to take photos!