‘My Chosen,’

Short Story #18

My new short story offering is inspired by The Mummy (the Tom Cruise one that is now playing). I did not sit down to plan it. I just wrote whatever came to mind (mainly for the dialogue) so I take the blame for all grammatical errors.

“Hallucinating? Vail, does it look like I’m hallucinating? There’s a beautiful woman walking towards us.” Sergeant Nick Morton was livid. “How do you not see her?”

Corporal Chris Vail sat still on top of the black stallion and cups his hands to his eyes. “Maybe you’re seeing a mirage.”

“What?” Nick couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “I am telling you that…” Suddenly, the dessert and his best friend disappeared and Nick found himself in Ancient Egypt. The woman who stood before him wore a white regal dress, her arms decorated with multiple golden bracelets, her feet bare. With the sunlight against her back, she looked ethereal, but when she raised her hand to touch his face, he took note of the cracks in her painted fingernails.

But he was drawn to her fierce kohl-lined eyes which were boring into his soul given that she was intensely staring at him. “My chosen,” she breathlessly whispered against his parched lips. 

Nick was stupefied. “I’m your what?”

“My chosen,” she repeated, her cool hand caressing his jaw. “My love,” she closed the remaining space between them. “I would have ripped the kingdom to shreds if I had to just for you. You’re my chosen.”

The reality of the situation finally hits him and he suddenly felt unworthy in her presence. He did not have a title. He plundered ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sold them to the highest bidder. He was a thief and here this crazy woman was looking at him as if he was her king. “I cannot be your chosen.”

“But I chose you and that is enough.”

His lips were moving towards hers when something dawned on him. “Wait, what am I chosen for?”

The Egyptian princess coyly smiles. “Soon, my chosen, you’ll find out.” she pressed her lips against his and everything went black.

WORDS: 308

I love the ancient out of Nick Morton and Ahmanet! ❤

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#WritersLifeIGJune Day 12: To-Write List



In which two strangers swap lives.


This is my very first crime series and I am very excited to finally see it take off. 

No Boundaries

In which a deaf man falls in love with a bubbly woman.

da Díxon shorts

This is a continual series that features wealthy identical French twins. It follows their lives from in front of the camera to their private one. I started writing it for fun, but after five years, my family and friends keep coming back for more. Maybe one day, I’ll retire it, but for now, I have fun writing it.


#WritersLifeIGJune Day 10: Character Profiles


This is a mood board for one of my main characters in the current story that I am writing: Marcus Mapother. He’s 25 and his father wants him to take over Mapother Industries, but he has other plans. He is also nicknamed the Bad Boy of San Francisco by the gossip blogging sites because of his wild antics.

Trust me, you’ll be rooting for this character by the end of the story and not because of his obvious good looks! 😛


Upcoming stuff!


Hello, dolls and gentlemen! I’ve always wanted to say that. 🙂

I have so many ideas that I’ll like to share with you that I don’t know where to begin. I am currently putting plans in order to fly, but I have some free time on my hands and I’ll like to see how best I can keep up with the blog as I prepare to begin a new chapter in my life. 

Sometimes when I’m working on a post, an idea may spring forth, and I leave the post that I’m working on to work on the new one hence the reason why so many posts end up in my drafts. Then I feel bad about wanting to post them all and wait for the perfect timing because I can end up posting 6-8 posts (give or take) a day. However, those days are over. I’ve decided to just post. I apologize in advance for flooding your reader.

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I’ve been looking around the blog and I think it can do with a ‘blog lift’, but for now, I like what I’m seeing. A few upcoming stuff:

^ I’ve been looking at some of the categories and I think they need a boost, so I’ll see how best I can fulfill this on a weekly basis.

La Petit Muse is about to become a learning zone. I’ll still have the normal everyday topics, but I want to talk more about writing (as a writer), go back to basic English and maybe introduce French as I continue to fall more in love with this beautiful language. This would take some time, though. 

^ Notes. Yes, my notes. I come across two little pocket notebooks filled with notes that I’ve scribbled in my haste for a later story or character trait and never came back to them. But, there’s still life in them yet and I’ve decided to share them here and on Instagram.

^ Fun stuff! I am looking at ways to communicate more with my readers (forgive me, I just dislike saying, followers) and I hope to accomplish this with a series-like content that has been sitting in drafts and gathering dust for the longest while.

That’s basically it for now. Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂