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Positive Monday: how to win

I trust that all of you had a great weekend and that you’re ready to go out and win the day because…

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Man! It seems like just yesterday was Monday! My weekend was not rested and I am a little sleepy, but I am blessed to have woken up this morning all thanks to God. 💙

Today’s positivity note is going to be short. Instead of wishing and hoping that your best friend or neighbor or colleague or a family member can change his/her ways, focus on changing you first.

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Sometimes, we look at others and see their faults, most of the times neglecting ours. Maybe if we work on our faults, we can be an inspiration to others who may want to wonder why we’re so positive (and possibly chipper 😄), causing them to work on their own negative areas in their lives.

I haven’t been on Twitter for a month or so, but when I logged on earlier, this tweet greeted me:

For at the end of the day, you might have a great job and live in a big house and wear fancy clothes, but you’re no better than your poorer neighbor. 

With that thought in mind, have a blessed and happy Monday.

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Positive Monday: stop hating on Mondays!

I trust that your weekend was spent well and that you’re ready to take on this new week for…

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We always anticipate the arrival of Friday for it ushers in the weekend, but Monday tend to get all the hate. Why? Because the weekend is spent doing whatever we want and when Monday comes around, some of us are cranky and hungover from having a good time. We want to stay in bed longer so we blame Mondays.

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If you’d stopped hating and step back and take a look at why Mondays might just be wonderful, then there won’t be any need for bitter complaints! Think positive thoughts. Like, it’s the first day back to work, you’re in a good mood because you’re not burned out. You have a clear mind and your goal is to be productive. 

Don’t spend the day moaning and complaining, for there isn’t anything to hate about Monday. It’s all in your attitude. Besides, you’re just wasting time being a Monday hater when you can embrace the beginning of the week with a smile.

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So, we need to talk.

I’m currently biting into a soft chewy melt-in-your-mouth double chocolate chip cookie and it’s absolutely scrumptious. Yum! Anyways…

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…and we need to talk.

At the moment, I

I think I 

Okay, let’s try this again.

This was supposed to have been the restart of Positive Monday, but I need this space to air things out.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed since the beginning of the year, but I’ve been posting less. I know I said that I have new content (which is true) and I am excited to share new content with you (which is also true), but I have to come clean: I may be losing interest in blogging, so I’ll be posting here and there in the days to come.

Posts may be already scheduled for March, but I’ll be taking a short break from blogging soon. I may pop in to read and probably post one or two things, but we’ll see how that goes, I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday! 😃

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