Congratulations Trinidad and Tobago!

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Last evening, the nation of Trinidad and Tobago was jumping for joy when Lalonde Gordon delivered an inspiring anchor leg to bring home the gold in the 4x400m in the IAAF World Championships. 

Congrats guys! You did us so proud and I am still smiling like an idiot. 

I’ll let some of my favorite tweets do the talking:


Let’s talk… What are you reading?

Matthew Gray Gubler

Bibliophile – a person who has a great appreciation for or collects books.

Today is Book Lovers Day, so we’re going to celebrate books and reading! 

As writers, we are encouraged to read, read, READ! If we want to be better writers, we need to read. If we want to understand our market better, we need to read. Reading is supposed to help us write better. 

I simply love books!

I love holding them, looking at them as they stare back at me from my bookshelf, and this is overused and probably should retire as a cliché, but I love smelling them. Nothing like the fresh scent of a new book!

I am currently reading the Bible (when don’t I ever?). I am yet to choose another novel to read from my shelf.

I turn it over to you. Comment down below what you’re reading, would you recommend it, or what book/s you’ll like to read or is looking forward to. Happy Book Lovers Day!

Here’s to a chocolate filled weekend!

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Today is World Chocolate Day and tomorrow is National Chocolate Day with Almonds Day. I have a healthy slice of chocolate cake waiting for me in the fridge. This is where I wish you wonderful readers a safe and happy weekend and don’t be afraid to indulge in a little chocolate this weekend. 

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Ah, the sweet taste of chocolate!

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Chocolate transports you to your own little world.

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