The groom wore Armani.

“Who’s that?” asked a nine-year-old Messi, Luca recalled. Leo later wrote the eight-year-old Antonella a letter in which he exclaimed: “One day we will be boyfriend and girlfriend”.

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Portugal had gotten kicked out of the Confederations Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo had flown home to see his twins, but the sporting world was talking about one thing over the weekend: Lionel Messi’s lavish wedding to long-term partner and mother of his two boys, Antonella Roccuzzo.

Although the bride looked stunning in a gown by Rosa Clará, all eyes were on her groom.

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The event was billed as the ‘Wedding of the Century’ by the media and it looked like everyone had a good time. Congrats Leo and Anto.


Werk it, werk it!

Two words: Naomi Campbell. I was reading the news over on Daily Mail when I came across Naomi in a beautiful white gown with gold edges at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week Gala and Awards Ceremony.

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Stunning honey!

I also spied Nicole Kidman at the Tenth Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic all covered up in a polka dot number and I thought she looked really nice.

The Tenth Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic - Arrivals

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Images via Google Search and zimbio

Blue is the new black and ‘The Mummy’ cast is squad goals

I’ve seen some hits and misses over the past few weeks where it concerns women and fashion and don’t get me started with Cannes! Most of the fashion choices were dreadful! With Gal Gadot, Annabella Wallis and the stunning Sofia Boutella promoting their upcoming summer blockbusters, I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately. 

Gal Gadot

Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman' - Red Carpet

Gadot wore this Givenchy red number at the Los Angeles premiere of Wonder Woman. I thought she looked stunning, but then when I examined the dress further and discovered the cuts (under the waist), it was a nay for me. I think the cuts ruined the dress. 

  Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Wonder Woman' - Arrivals

A cut here, a cut there…

Annabelle Wallis

She is currently on The Mummy tour with co-stars Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise. She failed to impress me until that lovely red number which she wore at the Taiwan premiere.

She was STUNNING at the Madrid premiere.

I also liked her Parisian look, but I disliked the triangular cut at the front.

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

Paris had the most stunning red carpet presentation on this tour! 

Sofia Boutella

I like her. A lot. I gave her a nay at the Syndey premiere because she looked as if she was dressed for bed:

She got it right with the green dress during the photo call…

TC and Sofia Boutella:

… and she deserves to be kissed for that!

TC and Boutella:

These two have instant chemistry. I’d ship that. Kidding. Kidding. No, really. I’ll ship that.

She also got it right in Taiwan and at the Madrid premiere:

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Seriously, I’ll ship ‘them’!

And that black number she recently wore to the Paris premiere was a definite yes.

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

Let the shipping commence!

Blue is the new black

Blue has to be the color of the summer thus far. Yes, I’m biased because I love this color and Tom Cruise wears it so well! He’s been wearing a lot of blue lately and I dig it!

Tom Cruise Photos Photos - Tom Cruise arrives ahead of The Mummy Australian Premiere at State Theatre on May 22, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. - 'The Mummy' Australian Premiere - Arrivals:


Tom Cruise:

I didn’t realize that TC had long lashes! No, it’s not Maybelline. He was definitely born with it.

TC. Taiwan.:


Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Spain. I love seeing him with the fans. The fact that he shows up an hour or so before his premieres to mingle with them is very professional. Who does that? Kudos to you, Thomas. ❤

'The Mummy' Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex


Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a man of style!

‘The Mummy’ squad

‘The Mummy’ squad wore it well on tour, but Tom and Sofia always looked as if they were going to prom. 

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Tom Cruise Attends 'The Mummy' Madrid Premiere

Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis


*** Photos via Zimbio and Twitter.

MI6: from Paris with style

MI6 (On set) MI6 (On set) Feeing good: He was later seen smiling at fellow crew members during the hectic day:

Tom Cruise shot some scenes with Sean Harris in the French capital recently and they look promising. I think this is the most stylish I’ve seen Tom look as Ethan Hunt. They’re really going all-out given that the 6th and perhaps final installment of the MI franchise focuses on Hunt’s character personally.  Today, he was suspended in the air:

Precarious! Tom was seen suspended in the air as they filmed dramatic scenes

Could this be the HUGE stunt that McQuarrie was talking of?

It’s hard to believe that Tom was only 33 years at the time when Mission Impossible first came out. He looks happy and relaxed. I think he looks great, but he looks even greater in that coat.

Action! Tom Cruise, 54, filmed stunt scenes with his double for the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise in Paris, France, on Monday

Something funny? Tom laughed and joked with crew members, looking relaxed and happy

🙂 🙂

He’s so chilled, man!

Looks intense: The star looked deep in conversation with crew members, and appeared to give his input to filming

Here’s TC and Christopher McQuarrie on the Parisian location:

Here’s TC crashing his car twice (he better be careful with the stunts!):

*** Pictures via Daily Mail and The Sun

Street style: Justin Bieber

Maybe it’s the haircut. Maybe it’s the skin tight jeans. Maybe it’s the bag. Maybe it’s the fact that his pants are not falling down. Maybe it’s the shoes (Cuban heels). Maybe it’s because he reminds me of Tom Cruise. Maybe it’s the glasses. Maybe it’s the business look.

Whatever it is, Justin Bieber owns the street this week.

That looks familiar: Justin Bieber rolled back the years by opting for a heavily fringed bowl as he ventured out for an impromptu appearance in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon 

Spray on: Justin also eschewed the current trend for looser fitting clothes by squeezing himself into a pair of eye-wateringly skin-tight jeans

Finishing touches: The 22-year old teamed his spray on denim with a simple white T-shirt that fully exposed his intricate sleeve tattoos

Pics via Daily Mail