MI6: from Paris with style

MI6 (On set) MI6 (On set) Feeing good: He was later seen smiling at fellow crew members during the hectic day:

Tom Cruise shot some scenes with Sean Harris in the French capital recently and they look promising. I think this is the most stylish I’ve seen Tom look as Ethan Hunt. They’re really going all-out given that the 6th and perhaps final installment of the MI franchise focuses on Hunt’s character personally.  Today, he was suspended in the air:

Precarious! Tom was seen suspended in the air as they filmed dramatic scenes

Could this be the HUGE stunt that McQuarrie was talking of?

It’s hard to believe that Tom was only 33 years at the time when Mission Impossible first came out. He looks happy and relaxed. I think he looks great, but he looks even greater in that coat.

Action! Tom Cruise, 54, filmed stunt scenes with his double for the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise in Paris, France, on Monday

Something funny? Tom laughed and joked with crew members, looking relaxed and happy

🙂 🙂

He’s so chilled, man!

Looks intense: The star looked deep in conversation with crew members, and appeared to give his input to filming

Here’s TC and Christopher McQuarrie on the Parisian location:

Here’s TC crashing his car twice (he better be careful with the stunts!):

*** Pictures via Daily Mail and The Sun

Street style: Justin Bieber

Maybe it’s the haircut. Maybe it’s the skin tight jeans. Maybe it’s the bag. Maybe it’s the fact that his pants are not falling down. Maybe it’s the shoes (Cuban heels). Maybe it’s because he reminds me of Tom Cruise. Maybe it’s the glasses. Maybe it’s the business look.

Whatever it is, Justin Bieber owns the street this week.

That looks familiar: Justin Bieber rolled back the years by opting for a heavily fringed bowl as he ventured out for an impromptu appearance in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon 

Spray on: Justin also eschewed the current trend for looser fitting clothes by squeezing himself into a pair of eye-wateringly skin-tight jeans

Finishing touches: The 22-year old teamed his spray on denim with a simple white T-shirt that fully exposed his intricate sleeve tattoos

Pics via Daily Mail

People’s Choice Awards: the winners (and losers)

Last evening, I was unwell. I couldn’t complete the chores I set out to, so I ended up in bed, tossing and turning. I prayed about my condition and as the hours passed by, slowly, but surely, I began to get better, all thanks to the Almighty.

I was up late last night and I decided to tune into my favorite TV show Criminal Minds, only to be met with the People’s Choice Awards instead. I don’t keep abreast of these award shows like I used to do before, but since I was up to it, I decided to watch. The show was hosted by Joel McHale.

He did a great job. 

But I’m not here to talk about the show, I just want to talk about what some of these people were wearing. 


People's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Show stealer right there! Jennifer Lopez was jaw-droppingly stunning last night. I was glad to see her body mostly covered.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Red Carpet

She could’ve easily passed for a live disco ball, but Victoria Justice SLAYED in this gold beaded dress from Yousef Al Jasmi.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

The Vampire, I mean, John Stamos got the suit right. I didn’t like the shoes.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Show

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Show

Johnny looked great in the suit, but it’s time for him to stop wearing those silly earrings and chain belts. He must learn to accept that he is not a pirate and Michael Jackson’s BAD days are long gone. Depp was kind of rambling when he accepted the award for Movie Icon (or something like that), so I did not understand half of the words coming out of his mouth. Instead, I sat there wondering if he was high. However, I must say that this is the best I’ve seen Depp look in the least few years, so kudos to him. We tend to forget that these people are only human beings too.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Backstage

For some wonderfully strange reason, Melissa McCarthy looks lovely in this ensemble. 

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Simply cannot resist a blue suit on a man and Kunal Nayyar didn’t disappoint.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Man in the blue suit, Wilmer Valderrama. 


People's Choice Awards 2017 - BackstagePeople's Choice Awards 2017 - Red Carpet

I have no idea what Priyanka Chopra was wearing. This does no favors for her. She won the PCA for favorite dramatic television actress in Quantico against the likes of Viola Davis and Kerry Washington. I don’t care for any of those shows, but I find Quantico to be extremely boring.

Robert Downey Jr. just threw on whatever his hands grabbed and put it on. He gets points for the cool kicks, though. Yet, I won’t call him an action star. I’m tired of him making Iron Man appearances. 

People's Choice Awards 2017 - ArrivalsPeople's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

While Ruby Rose’s makeup was on point (girl killed it with the wine colored lipstick!), I was not a fan of her bright orange tuxedo. 

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Backstage

I think Gwen Stefani had the wrong event in mind when she put this mermaid thingy on.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Press Room

Blake Lively. Need I say more?

People's Choice Awards 2017 - ArrivalsPeople's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

I don’t know what Caroline D’Amore do, but she looked like a pimp and pimping ain’t easy.

I love the fact that Kaley Cuoco wanted to cover up among stars who wear little or next to nothing, but this baggy dress does nothing for her. And what’s with the pockets?

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Sponsors

Look ma, Kristen Bell wants to be a mermaid of sorts.

People's Choice Awards 2017 - Red CarpetPeople's Choice Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Oh, Peyton List, you adorable little peacock!