Tip Tuesday: you don’t always have to use ‘slow’

tip tuesday

Sometimes, I overuse the adjective ‘slow’, so I came up with other words I can use instead. Feel free to add to it.

slow 2


Tip Tuesday: words to use instead of ‘slow’

tip tuesday

I am guilty from time to time of overusing ‘slow/ly’ instead of using another alternative. Instead of slowly, use words such as:

sluggish       loiter          ponderous    crawl       deliberate

gradual         snaillike    tardy             gentle       lackadaisical

unhurried    relaxed       delaying       languid    inert

lazy                casually     unrushed      lagging     tortoiselike

dawdle           indolent    plodding       leaden     idle

slow 2

Here’s a lovely song by Depeche Mode to go along with the slow mood 🙂

Any other words? Feel free to leave it below.