Book #8: Hunting Eve

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Author: Iris Johansen
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (July 16th, 2013)
Pages: 375 (Including an excerpt from Silencing Eve)
Chapters: 17
Series: Eve Duncan #17, New Eve Duncan Trilogy #2


She was taken for a reason. Chosen for her skills as a forensic sculptor. Abducted by the deranged father of a serial killer and forced to reconstruct his dead son’s skull from bone fragments. Now Eve Duncan has escaped her captor – and she’s running for her life. Alone. Unarmed. In the mountains of Colorado, Eve must use all of her strength, courage, and wits to survive this madman’s obsession. But Jim Doane is not the only player in the game. While Joe Quinn, Jane MacGuire, and Kendra Michaels search for Eve in the abandoned mining town that could be her ultimate refuge – or her grave – a stranger with ties to her long-ago past is closing in, circling like a wolf, and HUNTING EVE.  


*sighs* This book was so overwhelmingly boring that I couldn’t finish it.

Eve this, Eve that (Hello Mary Sue!). If she is so ordinary, plain interesting and unattractive, why the hell is she getting all those praises as if she was the second coming? I swear I was reading about Eleanor of Aquitaine, the way everyone was going on and on and on and …

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The MAIN point is, this novel should have been a stand alone. I feel as if the author rambled throughout the book because she had to stretch the trilogy. I am not sure what was worst, the character interaction (very insipid) or the writing. The plot was good, but the writing was not good enough to keep my attention as it was boring and repetitive. 

A word to the author: put Eve to bed, it’s time. The cover might be good looking, but the writing isn’t.

I won’t be touching another book in this series. They could kill Eve for all I care.


Vision is such a wonderful gift that I don’t take anything for granted.

– Chapter 3; Page 45



Book #7: Wedding Night

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Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Dell (April 23rd, 2013)
Pages: 446
Chapters: 36


#1 New York Times bestselling author Sophie Kinsella returns with her trademark blend of sparkling wit and playful romance in this page-turning story of a wedding to remember—and a honeymoon to forget.

Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose, but then his big question involves a trip abroad—not a trip down the aisle. Completely crushed, Lottie reconnects with an old flame, and they decide to take drastic action. No dates, no moving in together, they’ll just get married . . . right now. Her sister, Fliss, thinks Lottie is making a terrible mistake, and will do anything to stop her. But Lottie is determined to say “I do,” for better, or for worse.



Why does Sophie Kinsella hate her characters so much? I swear she’s got nothing better to do than sit down and conjure up the evilest embarrassing things she could do to her characters and laugh like a maniac because she thinks it’s funny to have crazy characters.

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Anyway, the story starts off promising and quite entertaining. The momentum leading up to the so-call proposal was really funny and that’s just the first chapter. I was hoping that the author was going to keep in theme for the entire story, but boy was I wrong! I met some of the stupidest people I wished I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting.

Lottie rushes into marriage with a former teenage flame from 15 years ago – yes, that’s a rather long time, mind the gap – on the heels of a break-up, all because she assumed her boyfriend was going to propose to her (he didn’t). Then we have Lottie’s sister, Fliss (What kind of name is this? I wouldn’t even name my dog Fliss!). Fliss is hopelessly addicted to Google and is bitter, bitter, BITTER about her ex-husband. Floss, sorry, Fliss is also controlling and tries to stop her sister from getting married. What ensues is one bad decision after the other. Ben, the man whom Lottie hastily tied the knot with, turns out to be nothing like the Ben she knew 15 years ago. Ben only wants to get in her panties and can’t wait for their honeymoon night, which turns out to be a major disaster. Lorcan has issues, but he too is irritating. Richard. Poor, stupid Richard! The author ruined your character and this is wrong, this is very wrong, but I felt myself wanting to hit Noah so hard.

And he is only a child!

Things escalated too quickly in this book causing the story to go downhill. I couldn’t sympathize with any of the characters and there was no connection … apart from the old lady in the beginning and that was brief. I don’t think I’ll read this book again. I don’t even know why it was published in the first place. To quote a reviewer over on GoodReads, ‘it’s one of the worst Jen Aniston comedy you can imagine.’

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Kinsella is normally the Queen of mishaps, but this time around, she wrote a book based on stupid people. In short, this book fell flat which is too bad given that ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ was a major blockbuster. I can see why some people don’t waste money to buy books anymore and frankly, some of these books should be free downloadables.


“In my day, the men got married because they wanted sex. That was motivation all right!” The old woman gives a brisk laugh. “All you girls with your sleeping together and living together and then you want an engagement ring. It’s all back to front.”

– Chapter 1; Page 16

You tell ’em granny!



Book #6: Real Vampires Have More to Love

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Author: Gerry Bartlett
Publisher: Berkley Trade (December 07th, 2012)
Pages: 347
Chapters: 24
Series: Real Vampires (Book 6)


Glory St. Clair is a vampire with man trouble. Between her on-again, off again lover Jeremy Blade, smoking hot rock star Ray Caine, and former bodyguard turned apartment mate Valdez, there’s enough man-candy around to make even a gal with a liquid diet feel a sugar rush.

Glory’s got no time to enjoy it, though, considering that she’s in the middle of planning her best friend’s wedding. And let’s not forget that there happens to be a hit on her head, thanks to when she took out a techno-freak billionaire. Now, between planning a bachelorette party and dodging stakes, Glory has to decide which man she really wants, before her love life meets an early grave…



I’ve had my fair share of vampire books over the years and I don’t know what to make of this mess. I think it was a horrible terrible excuse of a book.

I haven’t read vampire material in years, but this book was on sale and I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt because I thought it would’ve been funny. I wish I hadn’t. Someone needs to tell this author to stop churning out Glory St. Clair novels (that is if they’re still being printed). Sometimes authors have to know their limits and pull the plug on a series.

I couldn’t finish this book. I had it when I reached the 6th chapter. I made a few notes:

^ Glory is supposed to be a size 12 vamp, yet she is presented as a stick figure on the cover. Or maybe I don’t know what a size 12 is.

Image result for size 12 woman

^ Glory is two-timing and whiny and I dislike these characters. I wish someone had staked the undead out of her!

^ Everyone in this book is stupid, jealous or horny. Real vamps don’t act like children, plan weddings and sit around crying over foolish things. Real vamps go out there, bare their fangs and suck on some useless human blood. And wait for it… REAL VAMPIRES KNOW WHAT THEY WANT and they don’t take the term ‘on again off again’ in a relationship to another level.

Vampires just aren’t my thing anymore (I’ve never seen Twilight and I don’t intend to), but Lestat de Lioncourt is still the best vampire I’ve had the pleasure of fiction meeting.

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Oh, did I mention that real vampires are French? 😛



Book #5: Island Pursuits

Image result for Heather Rodney-Diaz island pursuits

Author: Heather Rodney-Diaz
Publisher: Crimson Romance (June 04th, 2012)
Pages: 216
Chapters: 33


When former U.S. Marine Adrian Mendez decided to return to his beautiful twin-island homeland of Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean, he didn’t expect to find the woman of his dreams. But one chance encounter with the captivating Cory Phillips was all it took. Adrian quickly realizes once just isn’t enough with this beautiful but feisty island goddess.

Headstrong and set in her own ways, Cory struggles tremendously with the military stereotypes of the island. But when this gorgeous, sensual – and deadly – soldier offers her his help, how could she resist him? After many sultry and pleasure-filled steamy Caribbean nights with Adrian, Cory finds herself going against everything she once believed in.

Their lustful island pursuits lead to a sizzling romance in paradise – but what they both discover about the past threatens to destroy any chance of a happily ever after. Can their love survive this tropical turbulence even as danger and deception lurks?



This was the author’s debut book. She hails from Trinidad & Tobago where I’m from.

I am a lover of books and sometimes I think I waste money to buy some of these books that are supposed to be good because of bias reviews, but I still go out and buy them anyway. I am a hardcore reader and when I critique, I critique hard regardless of where someone may come from. I take books apart. Yes, you can go ahead and call me the Simon Cowell of reviewing. I kid. I kid. This might be a little chatty (I warned you earlier!).

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The story was easy to read. There was no use of these so-call big words some authors throw in just for the fun of it. The book contained no local dialect either. Either way, this is not my type of book, but I give it a go because the author was local. However, I couldn’t take it seriously and I was easily annoyed as early as chapter 5. I wanted to toss it and I couldn’t wait to reach the last page. The author couldn’t help but mention Cory’s curves in almost every chapter when we first meet her. We got it like the second chapter. She is hot and her behind is her prized asset. It was something that was established when she went to the police station to make the report about her stolen car.

Image result for gif shut up

For some reason, it was hard for me to like Cory. I couldn’t even take her seriously because of the name. Also, she was sort of childish and emotionless. She was giving me a nervous breakdown. As for Adrian, I didn’t find anything sensual about him and never warmed up to him. And any fool can see that Jay was her closet, erm, I mean, her closest friend. And because the author was so focused on Adrian and Cory, there was not even a little background on honest to gay Jay.

With the focus on the main characters, there was no room for secondary ones.

Take, for example, the friendship between Cory and Kerry. Cory had hurt her feelings at the stadium during a concert by just literally RUBBING her boy toy (at the time) in her friends’ faces and felt rather smug about it. Kerry stormed off and Cory didn’t even make an attempt to go after her or to contact her after she cooled down to talk after dropping that bomb. She went on her own merry sweet way. I really, really, really disliked Cory. No emotion in the friendship department but when she got hurt, the drama queen in her went overboard. The author could have expanded on Kerry and Cory’s friendship a little bit more.

In my opinion, Cory was easy and I hate desperate female characters. Don’t people date, hold hands and kiss on their 4th or 5th date in books anymore? Those days when women were ladies and played hard to get … I want them back!

This book got on my very last nerves and as of now, I am thinking of launching it across my room.


> It wasn’t dubbed the greatest show on earth for nothing. Introduced to the island by French settlers, Carnival was one of the biggest street parties in the world …

Chapter 15; Page 94

I keep telling ignorant people about the French settlers and Carnival, but they just don’t know their history.

> Besides, which man on this island didn’t drink alcohol?

Chapter 9; Page 54

Oooh! How I disliked this line! I dislike stereotypes so much! There are TONS of men on this island who don’t indulge in alcohol. TONS I say!



Books #2, 3, & 4: Trophy Case trilogy by George Bryan Polivka

A trilogy I won’t be forgetting as long as I live. I laughed, I cried, I shook my head, I yelled, I wanted to strangle some of the characters.

I fell in love with the hero, Packer Throme of Nearing Vast.

The trilogy is set in a fictional world of its own. If you’re not a fan of swashbuckling pirates and seas, then this is not for you. It’s a blend of science fiction, fantasy and religion/spirituality and of course, adventure!

 It's a blend of science fiction, fantasy and religion/spirituality and of course, adventure!


4 steaming coffees

4 steaming coffees

Book #1: The Holy Bible

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

I believe in a Higher Force call God and the Holy Bible is my favorite book of ALL TIME. It compasses of 66 books written by 40 authors.

I’ve read it a few times cover to cover and I am currently rereading it again (I’m reading Jeremiah). It never gets old and every time I read it, I discover something new. It is also the most intriguing and thought-provoking book I’ve ever read.

This Book is often disputed by many scholars and critics alike. For me, the Bible is there to remind us how not to live in sin. How to forgive and how to love one another. Jesus Christ reminds us to love our enemies, to take care of the poor and needy and to practice forgiveness. We can learn so much from Jesus. He was never too busy to take time off His schedule to see/heal/talk to someone. The best role model to look up to.

Deuteronomy is the Law. Genesis is the beginning of creation and Revelation prophesizes about the ending of that creation which will eventually lead to utopia. “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)

One of my favorite books is Song of Solomon. It is the greatest of all songs. Yes, it is erotic, but the love story is an allegory of God’s love for us. It is about human love. It shows how love can be grand. I can talk at length about this book, so maybe I’ll leave that for another time.Solomon was a notorious womanizer and that was his great downfall. He was wise as he was foolish. 

But I have the softest spot for King Solomon. 🙂

Image result for King Solomon


Moses, Noah, Lot (great human being!), Solomon, David, and Abraham are just some of the people I’ve enjoyed reading about for they remind me of us in redeeming qualities.

Everyone should own a copy of the Bible. It is the only book you need for life and the number 1 bestseller of all time. It is the holy inspired Word of God. It is a timeless masterpiece. It is the love of God for all humanity. It is saving grace. Simply put, it is the Book of all Books.

*** Well, there goes my first book review! I hope to get better at this as I continue to review books. 🙂

About book reviews

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Earlier this month, I mentioned that I may do book reviews soon. With so many books to review, I’ve been thinking of a way to schedule posts. I’ve decided to post 2-3 book reviews weekly until I can have control over the reviewing. I’ll soon be posting a page on how my reviewing would work before getting down to the ‘dirty work’! 😛

NOTE: There is no telling how I may review a book. It can a short one, a lengthy one, in note form or simply a rant. And a fair heads up: I read varying genres.