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You might want to check your spam folder

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Sometimes, WordPress can drive me crazy and not in a nice way. I’ve been leaving comments on some blogs, but they aren’t showing up. Every time this problem happens, the comments go straight to the spam folder, so if you’re not seeing some bloggers’ comments, please, kindly check your spam folder to retrieve them. Merci.

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I’m back!

Well, sort of, but I missed you guys even though it was just a few days! I’ll try to catch up on blogs over the next few days or so and I’ll definitely talk about my trip when I catch up on some rest, but in the meanwhile, I want to know how you’ve been doing. 😄

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New to blogging? Start here.

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Hey, you there! 

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You-ooh! Over here!

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Yes, you! If you’re new to the blogosphere (even as new as late last year or early this year), the community welcomes you with open arms and if you’re reading this post, here’s a pretty good place to start so don’t be shy. Introduce yourself in the comment section below, leave links to your blog/tell us what your blog is about if possible (no profanities please!), and make some new friends. 

Although I won’t be able to follow every single blog, I’m happy to have you on board. Again, welcome to the blogosphere! Enjoy your stay.

To the not-so-newbies: feel free to share a post that you’ll like to highlight or get more reads on.

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So, we need to talk.

I’m currently biting into a soft chewy melt-in-your-mouth double chocolate chip cookie and it’s absolutely scrumptious. Yum! Anyways…

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…and we need to talk.

At the moment, I

I think I 

Okay, let’s try this again.

This was supposed to have been the restart of Positive Monday, but I need this space to air things out.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed since the beginning of the year, but I’ve been posting less. I know I said that I have new content (which is true) and I am excited to share new content with you (which is also true), but I have to come clean: I may be losing interest in blogging, so I’ll be posting here and there in the days to come.

Posts may be already scheduled for March, but I’ll be taking a short break from blogging soon. I may pop in to read and probably post one or two things, but we’ll see how that goes, I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday! 😃

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2017 Rewind: favorite devotional writing

Looking back on 2017, I’ll say my best achievement was writing spiritual posts. I love and enjoy writing, but I feel fulfilled whenever I write/share His Word. 


A few of my favorite posts to write included life lessons that we can learn from Jesus, not blaming God for the suffering which we humans brought upon ourselves because of our sinful nature, and nourishing my spiritual life.

Favorite Spiritual Posts!|Life lessons from Jesus

Do not blame God for the suffering

Who Was Melchizedek

Nourishing My Spiritual Life

How To Fast and What To Fast For

The Significance of I Am

Jesus is the Vine and God is the Husbandman

I'm ready, God, so ready, Wake up, soul!! Wake up! Psalm 57:7-8:

If I ever stop writing today, I can always look back on these writings with a smile.