I used to give Candy Crush Soda Saga 5 stars!

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When I came across Candy Crush Soda Saga, I was like…

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I got into the game late and up until recently, it has been one of my favorite King games. Ever since updates the game crashes all the time and it’s been driving me crazy. I can’t play the game for whenever I open it, it kicks me out of the game and its back to my phone screen. This used to be my relaxation game. Each level gets more challenging (and exciting!) and it’s been fun trying to eat all the chocolates or find the bears. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but that didn’t work. It’s doing the same thing.

I am thinking of permanently uninstalling and not downloading any other King Games for a while until they fix their bugs. It’s a bother and had I a very short temper, my phone would be smashed to pieces by now.

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Maybe I’ll try that Candy Fever game that is similar to Candy Crush and see how it goes.

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NaNoWriMo: Coffee break!

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When my mind is going round and round…

…then it’s time for a coffee break!

I went searching for an interactive story game on Google Play. I downloaded a few and was left disappointed that one of the games I really wanted to play was not working well. I read some of the reviews and realized that some of the reviewers had the same problem as me. I had no other choice but to move onto a next game. I came across this game:

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The first Otome (flirting game) of our series “Is It Love?” is available in English. Discover the “French Touch” of love games!

I was hesitant at first to try this game, but the ‘Made in France’ tag was convincing enough. There are 3 Carter Corp games featuring the baby-faced owner, Ryan Carter:

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The ever annoying Matt:

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And the very super sexy attractive golden-haired Gabriel:

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It was a no-brainer who I went for and given that Gabriel was the first “Is It Love?” game to be created, it made it easier to choose. This is my first Otome game and I’m currently on chapter 3 and loving it. Gabriel is the one doing all the flirting so far. 


^ You can replay/restart a chapter any time you like.

^ The illustrations are superb!


^ The energy gets used up very quickly. You win 300 energies a day and before you know it, time is up. Even with the mini game and video watching, it’s never enough. It’s like reading 2 minutes of story a day. There is the option to buy, though.

Great concept by 1492 Studio!

Okay, coffee’s break over now.

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A few screenshots I took of the game.


Um, who is going to divert their eyes at this alpha male?



Of course, Gabriel!

The dangers of trending topics on Twitter

Twitter is where I hang out in the social media world. It’s where I discuss football, share inspiring (& sometimes funny) re/tweets and keep abreast of what’s happening in the world. It was also where I learned about Prince’s untimely death first and all the tragic happenings currently going on in this wicked world.

Then there’s this thing call ‘trending topic’.

When a celebrity trends, it usually means that he/she died, they’re ill, they got caught doing something illegal, or Twitter killed them. Yes, Twitter is guilty of ‘killing’ celebrities. So when I saw Orlando Bloom trending last evening, the first thing that came to mind was, did he die? Then I remember seeing something in the news about the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean installment so I thought perhaps it was about the film. I don’t follow Bloom on Twitter (if he has a handle) nor his personal life, but I like him as an actor, so I clicked on the TT.

And I instantly regretted clicking on it because the fuss was much ado about nothing. Just nudes of a fit Bloom paddleboarding with a smile on his face as he holiday in Italy with girlfriend Katy Perry (I didn’t even know he was dating this woman). 

Then I was mad.

Isn’t anything private anymore? Isn’t anything left to the imagination anymore? Heck! These TTs should come with a warning. Not everyone wants to see nudes of great looking people. They have what we have after all. 

A really important question: Does anyone have eye bleach?


… so I joined Instagram

I wanted to be inspired by writing every day and discover other writers who are not on Twitter/Facebook, so I joined Instagram. The writing community there is alive and kicking and I enjoy reading inspiring posts daily, but I think it’s not for me. I was urged to join to promote my writing. New things take time to grow on me, though.

I also don’t like quitting things right away, so I’ll stay on for a month or so before deciding what to do with my account, but I think it’s boring. That’s my opinion for now. Maybe I’ll sing another tune by the time month-end roll around. Maybe I raised my expectations too high for when I first joined Twitter, it was EXCITING! Still is from time to time. I can’t say the same about old Facebook.

Who’s cookie jamming?

Cookie Jam is a highly sweet addictive game that I recently downloaded and have come to love. Yes, I’m late to the game seeing that it was Facebook’s Top Game 2014, but better late then never right? I am currently on level 62 and I got my sister into it as well. She’s having the time of her life and almost at the 100th level. It’s a sweet distraction that I welcome.

When I first started playing, I wasn’t paying attention to the power-ups and I kept wondering what the Oven Mitt was for. I eventually learned that the Mitt swaps two non-matching cookies.

If you’re new to Cookie Jam and still stuck in the sweet center, here is tomsguide on how to use your power-ups:

1. Levels– After a certain number of levels, a new power-up will be available to use. You get a certain amount for free, but after that you have to use coins. The power-ups are:

2. Oven Mitt– Swaps two non-matching cookies. Tap the Oven Mitt and swap the cookies you need to make a match.

3. Rolling Pin– Clears an entire row of cookies. Tap the Rolling Pin and tap the row you wish to clear.

4. Piping Bag– Does the same as Rolling Pin, but a vertical column. Tap the Piping Bag; tap the column you wish to clear.

5. +5 – Used before starting a level. Tap to activate and you’ll have five extra moves to use in the round.

6. Whipped Cream– Smashes any five cookies that are next to each other. Tap the Whipped Cream Can icon; tap the
area you wish to clear.

7. Wooden Spoon– Removes one cookie. Tap the Wooden Spoon icon; tap the cookie you wish to get rid of.

8. Gobstopper– Eliminates all cookies of a single color. Tap the Gobstopper icon; tap the color cookie to remove it

Keep jamming, bakers!

Gingerbread House, Knusperhaus, Delicacy

Fess Up Friday: App Monster

This is my first Fess-Up Friday post! Let me take a moment to live in it.

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Okay, moment over.

For my first fess-up, I must say how much I love apps! I cannot leave the Google Play store alone for a minute. I’m literally obsessed over apps and could never have enough. I try to use them all because I don’t want to have them sitting on my phone because they look pretty. I have apps on learning basic French, Spanish and even Japanese (not a language I’m interested in, but hey, the app was free & I adore the Japanese version of YuGiOh!) I also have a Bible app (I love the fact that I can take the Lord’s Word anywhere with me), a few cool facts apps, dictionaries, football scores, writing prompts (I fess-up that I haven’t used this one in a little while), IQ test and a tiled Paris puzzle.

My new favorite thing is the wallpaper apps. I’ve downloaded a few on faith, happiness, life and love and instead of wasting the photos, I am going to start sharing them here.

From next week, La Petit Muse is going to help inspire you.You’re going to see wallpapers such as these:


But as themes so they can help inspire your writing.

And that’s a wrap on my first fess-up! I’m sorry it wasn’t steamy!