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The Zebra Finch

We’ve finally come to the end of this amazing challenge! I’ve learned so much about a variety of birds including ones I’ve met for the first time. While I do look forward in doing another A-Z challenge, this one made me want to add more nature to the blog, so I’ll be looking at ways in how I incorporate do that. For now, here’s the Zebra Flinch!

How to Protect a Zebra Finch Nest

Image: Look at this beauty!

🐦 Zebra flinches tend to live in large flocks; they’re natives to Australia, East Timor, and Indonesia. They’ve been introduced to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

🐦 Males tend to woo the females with their courtship dance and original song. Females do not sing.

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Image: Just a couple of love birds

🐦 Nests are usually built of grasses and lined with feathers or even wool.

🐦 The expected lifespan of zebra flinches in the wild is 2 to 3 years.

Zebra Finches the male has a red beak and female orange beak ....they love cuddling ...lovely sweet call

Image: Cuddly

🐦 These birds are often kept as pets, but love matters to a zebra flinch, and when they choose their own mates, they’re better parents. When we play matchmakers for them, we tend to disturb their nature for they’re monogamous and tend to mate for life. Also, they don’t liked to be handled by humans.

Via Tim Siggs, here’s a short video of the zebra flinches in the wild:

Images: Pinterest

Reference/s: animaldiversity.org; YouTube

Flowers Floral Roses - Free image on Pixabay



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