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The Secretary Bird

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Talk about legs! These beauties have legs for months and eyelashes (actually modified feathers) that models would spill tears over, but look pass the exterior beauty, and you’ll discover a killer queen that enjoys stomping venomous snakes to death.

25 Secretary Bird Facts (Sagittarius serpentarius) Africa's Snake Stomper

Image: Legs, legs, legs!

🐦 Secretary Birds can be found throughout Africa, except Sierra Leone and Liberia. They’re also called ‘Archers of Snakes’ although their diet also consists of arthropods, rodents, insect pests, and small mammals.Β 

🐦 For all the snake stomping that they so, Secretary birds are generally silent. 

This secretary bird is absolutely fabulous!

Image: Models could never!

🐦 This bird of prey is said to have gotten its name from its crest of long feathers that look like the quill pens 19th-century office workers used to tuck behind their ears. I can’t see it, though.

🐦 They’re not social birds, and they pair for life.

The Archer of Snakes | Photography | 동물, μƒˆ

Image: Not a hair feather out of place.

🐦 These birds like stamping so much, that they tend to stamp on grass tussocks to scare up small mammals, birds, lizards, and grasshoppers. 

🎢 Could you be… the most beautiful bird in the world…🎢

This bird is more than a secretary. They should’ve been called Executive Assistant birds. They’re like eagles on a crane’s body. Via Israel Wildlife Channel, watch secretary birds walk about in their natural habitat while a sweet-sounding Rosy-Patched Bush-Shrike provide the background music. Ain’t nature something!


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