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The Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

This cool bird was supposed to be included in last week’s quirky tails, but for some reason, I couldn’t make room for it – only so MANY birds to choose from! – so today, this handsome chap gets its own post.

Ribbon-tailed Birds of Paradise | Lost in Birding: BOP Bonanza...(Papua New Guinea): July/Aug 2010

Image: Get a load of that tail!

🐦 The male Ribbon-tailed Astrapia has the longest tail feathers in relation to body size of any bird, over three times the length of its body. 

🐦 The Ribbon-tailed Astrapia belongs to the bird-of-paradise species. Astrapia comes from Greek for flashing or lightning.

Astrapia, Ribbon-tailed (female) @ Kumul Lodge photo - Con Foley ...

Image: Female Ribbon-tailed Astrapia via Con Foley

🐦 Due to habitat loss and being hunted for its plumes, the bird is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

🐦 Females do not have the long white tail.

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Image: A beautiful close-up

🐦 This bird can be mainly found in Papua New Guinea.

It’s a beautiful bird. I’ve been blessed to discover so many unique beauties while doing this challenge. God truly is the Master Architect.Β Via Cornell Lab of Ornithology, see the beautiful ribbon-tail in action:


Images: Pinterest

Reference/s: charismaticplanet.com; Wikipedia; YouTube

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