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The Hoopoe

Birds are fascinating creatures and not to mention, extremely beautiful. They can vie for beauty pageants! Case in point, the punk rocking Hoopoe (pronounced ‘hu-pu’ which is EXACTLY how they sound like!), the national bird of Israel.

Image: The exotic Hoopoe

🐦 In Deuteronomy 14:18, the hoopoe is listed as one of the birds not to be eaten.

🐦 Hoopoes are named after the sound of their call. Their name is a combination of the Latin “upupa” and the Greek “epops” hence the punchline “upupa epops”.


Image: The Eurasian Hoopoe in flight

🐦 The female prefer to nest in holes of tree trunks, cliffs, walls, and even birdhouses! The female stays inside the nest until the eggs hatch. Some will close up the nest as much as possible leaving only an opening for daddy bird to bring food.

🐦 African Hoopoes are not sociable birds, and they are generally found in pairs or singular.

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Image: The African Hoopoe

🐦 The hoopoe became the national bird of Israel in 2008 winning over the likes of the bulbul, warbler, and finch.

The Hoopoe is quite the singer! Watch this video via Wildlife World to listen to the Eurasian Hoopoe sing and stay to see it in flight.

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