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Goal counter: January ✨

Hello, and welcome to another…

This is where I talk bloggy stuff. Give little updates, etc. Today, we’ve come to the end of a wonderful start to 2020 both in the virtual world and in the land of the living. This month, I debuted a new sign-off signature for LPM and have actually gone on to create a few others which would make their debut in the Lord’s timing. I also started using a planner and…

Image result for gif i have a confession

…I did not stick to it. Yep, your girl started off using it just fine, then revert back to the sheer randomness when it comes to posting. So, instead, I listed a few short-termed goals that I wanted to achieve this month. Et voila!:

* I did not know how my reading was going to start off this year, so I listed 5 books to read. I ended up reading 17 books, just 2 more than Jan 2019! I get to cross about 8 books off my TBR for the others weren’t on it.

* I plan to restudy Exodus soon. This month, I did not get the time to start for I was working on a Genesis recap.

* This was accomplished: Gratitude is an Attitude. It’s where I write thank you entries on a daily basis. I’m currently looking into another writing format, but so far, I am happy with the way the entries are coming along and I thank God for it.

Image result for gif yay

* I believe I’ve found it! In the right time, I’ll make the change if it’s to be.

* Happy that this was accomplished for I don’t blog for an entire week anymore. I hope to do this once a month for the rest of the year.

* Although this one is crossed off, I did manage to introduce a new category: Heart Reflections. I did not realize it until I was going back through the entries that I posted for this month. Originally, I had plans to introduce Adventures in the Kitchen, but all things work for good.

* I got the majority completed so bless God! 💙

* Accomplished! It’ll be introduced within the new theme if all goes according to plan.

Image result for gif yes

In February, I want to direct my attention to reviews for books, TV shows, and movie trailers if there’s time to do so. Who knows? Maybe I’ll dedicate a week to do so.

God’s peace be with you.

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23 thoughts on “Goal counter: January ✨”

  1. Your list looks just like mine.

    * Read five… blogs this month.
    * Start a new blog… comment with a joke.
    * Search for a new theme… in my mind.
    * Blog for an entire week, except; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    * Work on a new blog design… “worked,” and “blogged,” by design.
    * Work on a new header… a low fade haircut.

    See, the same. 🤔😊 Some wonderful achievement my sister! A goal counter, goals counted, the blessings numbered. Gratitude is an attitude, give a shout; for all the January goals accomplished. Have a blessed February!

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  2. I had something to say but can’t stop laughing at Warrens comment. Hahahaha. Ok shew. You did great me love 🙂 You did it all but one and a half, right? If you had added…do 90% of the things on this list you could have checked that one off too!! Job well done, and I love your other blog, and can’t wait to catch up on it 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on making a list and getting so many things on it done. It makes me laugh because I would not be able to do that. If I made a list for the month and posted it on my blog, at the end of the month I’d probably find that I hadn’t accomplished a single thing on the list. I’d have a whole list of different things I did accomplish, but something about committing it to a list works against me when it comes to writing and blogging-related activities. And I’ve found that I’m often led to other projects I didn’t even imagine I’d be doing.


    1. Thank you, my friend! I’ve not been able to keep up with the planner, so I decided to make a smaller goal plan and see where it’ll take me. I thank God for all of the accomplishments I’ve made, but I am just like you: I tend to find myself getting led to another project unrelated to what I was doing in the first place.

      Here’s to February and may you have a wonderful and productive month!

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